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Celery/celery supplements effect on erections

Originally Posted by sricardo
If it works for you then good . Celery is good for sweeten cum but it is all in the mind nothing to do with reproductive system.
Fenugreek is perhaps better and it is known to have an effect on erections too.

The cum was consistently a little more watery on celery.

I also starting with selleryseeds.. I tell you later my experience

Have no changes noted, I take 2 thee spoons seed A Day. Now I took also 2 big spoons of lecithine. When can I expect some changes?. I think I must take more selleryseeds A Day.

Food is food in whatever format one takes much like vitamins there is no hard facts or wholly grail about the consumption of celery otherwise it would have been a great discovery.

Each individual reactec differently because of his her make up and the availability of one or the other protein within his her body so to many variables to assert and come to the conclusin

Blue eye, blonde latino

Wrong celery makes cum taste very bad like salt. Pineapple juice, drink it 4 times a day for a month you cum will taste like sugar.

Nasty, buy good info bro i have a sensitive stomach so I’ll probably stay away from acidic food.

Now to cum like Peter north guys read this, very very helpful I am having benefits.

Celery seeds are the texture of sand and taste like ground black pepper ? OK this better work. It tastes awful.

Can I brew it into a tea or something ?

I went to the health food store and purchased a bag of double “O” gelatin capsules. I then filled them up with the celery seeds. A you have to do is swallow like a pill, you don’t taste a thing.

I thought you had to chew them.

Also I thought 2 spoons was what I had to eat. That’s like 6 capsules.

Better then chewing sand.

It seems to be doing nothing. I took 2 spoons yesterday, and 1 spoon today. Nothing so far. May know tonight though.

I’m of the opinion that Celery and the seeds do help. I love eating both but IMO the seeds are more effective for the amount needed to be consumed. However, it depends on how you consume the seeds. Eating them straight up doesn’t do the same and cooking them or softening them up for digestion. I love to cook soups and stews and that’s how I take them. I also love brewing and steeping the seeds in green tea. I think this helps the oils leech out and softens the seeds for digestion. Again just an opinion via trial and error.

Originally Posted by biker_dude

Celery seeds are the texture of sand and taste like ground black pepper ? OK this better work. It tastes awful.

Can I brew it into a tea or something ?

See above. I like to brew green tea with a teaspoon of the seeds and let it steep for at least 15 minutes. I think eating the seeds straight is a waste without some type of cooking/softening is a waste.

The first spoon I ate dry. I chewed and chewed and ate it. It was miserable.

The second and third sets I put in hot water and let it steep. Then I made tea with tea leaves and that celery seed liquid. The 90% of seeds that were left in the bottom of the hot water I chewed and ate them, and drank the tea as well.

I’m going to not do that anymore, I’ll keep the celery separate and the tea separate. Make them simultaneously and have celery seeds and tea together. Why ? Anything you eat after celery seeds tastes sickly sweet. Since I have sugar in my tea, I can cut waaaaaaay back on the sugar.

On the bright side, it is cheap. I need to find some place like Bulk Barn and get it even cheaper. But its $7-8 a lb.

I am getting used to the celery seeds. They can be used as a spice if you prefer, in soups, stews or anything wiht a lot of hot liquid.

The question I have is, anything that can be eaten as a seed, is better eaten sprouted. Anyone try to sprout it. I have a feeling it will replace the sand texture with somehting more of a grass shot type taste/testure.


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