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has anyone ever tried these natural pills?

has anyone ever tried these natural pills?

I was curious on trying them, wanted to get an opinion first before i did. Thanks.

Dont waste your money. Pills dont work.(for enlargement)

I wasted money on pills before I found this place. Dont believe the ratings or the guaruntees.

I myself am trying l-arginine for the first time. You can look it up on a search in this site. Its waaaay cheaper. You can follow my thread on l-arginine l- ornithine, and Ill keep ya posted on how it works.

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sounds great, thanks a lot.

Looks the same as any other penis pill. They all say natural.

If you’ve got money to spare, give them a try (they might increase circulation as an aid to NPE) but don’t expect miracles as described.

The only way you’re going to make gains is from pure hard work, but the results are well worth it.

BTW, I speak from experience with the pills (not the same ones) as I’d ordered them a couple of days before I’d discovered Thundersplace and now realize that I could have saved some money :(

Actually…come to think of it…they were well worth the money. If I hadn’t ordered them I would probably never have searched for ‘penis enlargement’ and never found Thundersplace :thumbs:

You, and I have allot in common slam.

"Confidence is a hell of a drug!"


Now hang on. The pills may not work by themselves, but they definitely DO help the exercises along. I tried doing just exercises about a year ago and it took me 5 months to gain 1/4 inch in length, and no girth. Then a few months ago, I decided to give it a go again, but this time with pills. I bought a three month supply of VP-RX. Two months into it, I hadn’t gained anything, so I started doing the exercises along with taking the pills during the last month of the pill supply. In the past two months that I’ve been exercising, I have gone from 7x5 to 7.75x5.5. And most of that was during the time I was taking pills. So I’ve ordered some more of them. You should check them out. And they sell to retailers who sell them on Ebay for dirt cheap, right above wholesale. But if the Ebay route makes you nervous, they don’t cost as much as most of the other high-quality pills even if you buy from their site. Here’s the site: Whatever you get, make sure it is from a reputable company and has a good guarantee.


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Originally posted by ThunderSS
DO a little research on these “magic pills” here before you buy anything. Most, if not all, are way over priced for what they are.

What he said. But if you decide to get some, and you can find good ones for cheap, like on ebay, go for it.

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Most that have tried this stuff find it a waste of time. Do they help some guys when combined with PE? I don’t know.

I know it’s been posted, do a search function crawl to find out the ingredients of some penis pills. Then shop the various herbs on line and mix your own for far less $$.

Unless e-bay is dirt cheep any you are cool with them.

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