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has anyone used this supplement. All i’ve heard is rave reviews from the people at gnc and wrestlers etc. Anyone have personal experience?

Hello Yeap

I used Hydroxycut in 2004, I lost like 7+(could be more do not remember well) kg in a matter of weeks. It was a truly amazing product. I was losing fat without feeling tired and my energy levels were quite high. But I had some side effects from it my B.P was too high, I could not take it anymore so I quit.

Go ahead give it a try if it works fine stay on it otherwise burn fat the normal way.

Take care.

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I tried it and although I had some results I think it’s much less expensive to eat right and exercise regularly.

I’ve tried Hydroxycut, Lipo-6, Animal Cuts, SAN Tight, Metabolic Supreme, and some generic fat burners. I think they help but if you’re diet and exercise regimen aren’t up to snuff you might as well be giving your money away. On top of that I recall that the added burn might come out to just a few extra calories a day.

Hydroxycut: Not jumpy at all, didn’t really feel much little change in bodyweight

Lipo-6: Not jumpy, more energy, slight weight loss

Animal Cuts: Made me really thirsty until I got used to it, urinated constantly because of ingredients

SAN Tight: Jesus I was jumping around the room like I had been bitten by a crack-infused spidermonkey, took a long time to adjust to this one, and my heart was racing alot, I lost some weight

All of those had different effects on me and there is no way to determine what might happen to you so I suggest you talk with a physician and before you jump on the supplement bandwagon stick with a clean diet with a healthy lifestyle for a few weeks.

Of course if you want to fly of the handle and money is no object go balls to the walls and spend like there is no tomorrow :)

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Change your diet, run 20 miles a week. You dont need hyper pills!

no i lift and do cardio 3-4 times a week and play rugby. Ive had this stocky body build all my life and these 20lbs are extremely hard to lose

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