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Kava Kava and Sex

Kava Kava and Sex

I’ve been looking around for more information on Kava and coming up short.

I noticed on one of the forums about putting kava on the clitoris. Does anyone know where that information comes from? Any other fun stuff to do with kava?

Apparently, Kava is an anaphrodisac(dulls libido), but some say the opposite.

This is so confusing.

Any information would be great.

I’ve never heard of it being an aphrodisiac but then again I don’t know much about it. I’ve had Kava before and I didn’t notice myself getting any hornier. The only people I know that ever drink it are in love with Mary Jane. It’s supposed to alter the mind, but it’s not as drastic as an illicit drug.


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Kava Kava is supposed to be a muscle relaxer/stress reliever. It’s not an aphrodisiac. Fenugreek, Maca, and Fish Oil are all aphrodisiacs. Fenugreek and Maca will also increase the amount of “load” that you blow. I know from personal experience :) After about a week or so it’s like a volcano eruption.

Ok Kava is terrible.

This is the first time that I have ever not needed, or wanted, to jack off or fuck in the morning.

I also feel very hazy.

When I took the kava last night I had no real problems.

The dose was about 10g.

My wife and I had had some great sex with Kava. I’d say it is an aphrodisiac from my experience. It mellows you out and maybe makes you go a bit deeper into the feeling of the whole experience. Having your partner put some in her mouth and then apply orally to your dick is a great way to prolong your session. We also tried it on her clit but she said it dulled her sensation too much and so now we skip that part.

You have to mix it with a heavy milk like coconut because it needs the high fat to be absorbed. Tastes terrible and makes your mouth numb. It’s also hard on your liver.

All that being said I think I may pull some out for tonight.

When I was in fiji on a surf trip we drank kava root almost every night. It made my face numb and felt kind of wierd but it never made me horny. Of corse the only women we had on this tiny little island we were on was 200 plus pound fijian women with side burns.


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