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L-Arginine Report


L-Arginine Report

I decided to try l-arginine(500mg capsules) just to see what it will do with erection

1 day I tried 2caps - no effect
2 day 4caps - no effect
3 day 10 caps on a empty stomach - no effect except a light pressure in my head

I will try 16caps and after that I will stop if there will not be any effect.

L-arginine is beneficial for sexual health because it is good for blood flow, but it is not know for making significant improvements in erection strength, at least not like Viagra or Cialis.

Even if taking 16 caps was to produce an effect, it would be a very heavy dose for such limited response and just not worth it.

Taking 2000mg a day is still good for your health and especially beneficial if you are into body building.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

L-Arginine in my experience helps with erection strength. If you mix it with Pine bark, like Prelox Blue does, it becomes a very potent erection aid.


I read that you need to be taking it for at least 2 weeks before you notice any difference. But it could be different with other brands, I’m not sure.

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Liquid form is the way to go, too.


The best form I found was actually a mix of I think, three types, L-arg, AAKG, and some third form I can’t remember. It was in a bodybuilding supplement called “Superpump 250”. Arginine is a supplement, not a drug, so you will not notice effects in a few minutes or hours.

I bought a pound (454 grams) of l-arginine powder and put it in caps and took increasing doses for a while and noticed increases in EQ and stamina with the wife and substantial morning wood, but hare’s the thing; I have a torrid workout and athletic schedule and so sometimes I`m just too tired for anything, and a kilo of viagra wouldn`t change the fact.

I should go back to the arginine as well as the maca and the mixture of Cayenne pepper and ginger I was taking for a while in caps.

The problem I had was that the caps are fiddly to fill and the arginine and the maca smell odd, making the filling process difficult.

And I do think the arginine takes a while to be effective in the body.

I take 2000 mg every day and a large teaspoon of L-arginine eythel Ester mixed in a 4 oz glass of green tea at night when I anticipate having am sex. I also take 50 mg of Viagra (I have ED) 30 minutes before sex. Last Sunday I had my hardest erection in months. I can’t confirm that the L-arginine was directly responsible for the EQ improvement because I also pump, use an extender, and do manuel PE as well. I can confirm, however, that I have reduced my Viagra requirement from 100 mg since I started doing all of the above.

Just a note: standard unaltered L-Arginine is very limited in its bio-availability, most of it is broken down in your guts before it can do anything positive. The “optimal” dosage for simple L-Arginine is 12g - however for Ethyl Ester Arginine the optimal dosage is 1-2g. I hope this helps.

I thought it will work faster like viagra do:)
Was looking at this publishment as a guide l-Arginine vs Viagra

The plan is then to go with 4 caps -2g per day and we will see what will happen after a few weeks.

you have to give it time, at least 2 weeks

Originally Posted by wurst

You have to give it time, at least 2 weeks

Yes I will give it a time, Thank you for all the answers!

Why is then on the label a sign take 4caps after the workout or 4caps before sex.

This is the product I use http://www.nutr … 0/arginine.aspx

Well, most of the claims on that label are bunk. But I usually take it 20 to 40 minutes before I work out, and that’s plenty of time to increase my vascular “pumps”. I’d say if you don’t notice results in 48 to 72 hours, you just have a bad product. I never took it for my erections though. Just for working out.

Originally Posted by ploktor
I thought it will work faster like viagra do:)
Was looking at this publishment as a guide l-Arginine vs Viagra

The plan is then to go with 4 caps -2g per day and we will see what will happen after a few weeks.

I have ED and I can assure you L-arginine, even L-arginine eythyl ester, is no substitute for Viagra. It may help increase EQ to some extent, but I can’t get more than a 30% erection with Arginine alone. As I indicated, it may improve the EQ of a healthy cock from say an 8 to a 9 and that’s it.

I had always heard that L-Arginine increases ejaculation volume?

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