Newer types of L-arginine - opinions

Hello guys. Sorry I haven’t been posting as often as I’d like - I had been forced into a vacation from PE due to other medical issues. Anyway, I’m getting back into the swing (pump?) of things and I’d like your opinions on a few new findings of mine.

L-arginine is well tolerated by most people and anecdotal evidence suggest that it increases erection hardness and ejaculate volume in many of the PE’ers on this forum. The most commonly used form of the amino acid is L-arginine HCL. However, talking to a doctor of mine he tells me that the chelated form actually gets more NO2 into the bloodstream. This chelated form is found primarily in bodybuilding supps like NO2 and NOX.

Also, in my search I ran across this version - Which seems to bring a lower amount of Arginine into the mixture, but supposedly potentates it better with Citrulline-HP? Does anyone know what exactly Citrulline-HP does?

I know we have some bodybuilders and chemists here, so I was wondering if anyone could give either a personal account of their experience with the above products or some insight into what makes them special. Thanks.