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powder sildenafil


Analog scales are nice but digital are more convenient.

I own for 2 years now a 100g scale with 0.01g precision and I’m pretty satisfied with it.

But your scale probably cost more than $15! I like a simple mechanical scale because there is almost nothing that can go wrong with it, unless you step on it.

Horny Bastard

Has anyone in this thread actually bought the powder V and filled caps with it ?? Measured it out?? Thanks?

Originally Posted by sparkyx

Harbor Freight sells a digital for about $13.00…don’t know how good it is.

http://www.harb … temnumber=93543

Harbor freight never fails to amaze me with their low prices. I guess we can thank GW Bush for shipping all our jobs to China :) (just a little jab at you righties, sparky).

But the description doesn’t say how fine a measurement it will give. A lot of those type scales are .1 gram (100 mg) which wouldn’t be accurate enough for weighing doses of V or C.

Horny Bastard

What is the penny product section on Are these products sold for just a penny?

When I ordered the other day, I clicked the penny product, whatever, I got the two for one deal for the liq. C. Don’t know if I had to do that to get the 2/1 or not. BTW, it only took a couple days to get the two vials in the mail, very fast delivery.

The day I got it, I took app. 25mg and yes, it working.

You get one of the penny products (for a penny) if you have an order that is over a certain dollar amount. Read the web site.

Horny Bastard


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