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Stacking Ed Medications?

Stacking Ed Medications?

Hi everyone,

I am wondering if anyone has stacked any of the three ED medicines together at once. I have seen some research chemical sites selling combos, like a viagra/cialis combo (50mg sildenafil and 25mg tadalafil per ml) and I also saw a viagra/cialis/levitra combo (50mg sildenafil, 25mg tadalafil, 10mg vardenafil per ml). Do you think these are safe? Has anyone tried any such combination?

thanks everyone

Three is probably a bit overkill. It would be really fun to take if you were Hugh Hefner, though.

I have but not all at once. I took them about a half hour or so apart and it didn’t do me any damage but didn’t really do me any good either. In fact I would take 2 20mg Levitra, 2 20mg Cialis, and a 100mg Viagra.

If you don’t have ED, don’t even think of it.

The average workable dose for Viagra is 50 mg, though many can use less. The average for Vardenafil is 10 and for tadalafil is 10. Taking them all at once could get you into trouble.



I’ve done 20 mg cialis and 100 mg viagra many times. Not a whole lot of difference to me. (I weigh 260)

Best result I’ve found is taking viagra on a very empty stomach w/ a yohimbie-based supplement.

Yes, it might cause priapism. Why do you want to stack them like that anyway?

I was thinking perhaps a combo would help with more instant boost from the vardenafil or sildenafil, plus prolonged effects from the tadalafil. I got the idea becausee lots of research chem companies sell combos.


I’ve have taken 20mg Cialis, and later taken 25mg Viagra prior to sex. The small dose of Viagra “small dose to me” seemed to enhance the Cialis. And that was added on top of my then regular daily supps. "Tribulis, arginine, guarana, taurine, B-vits”.

I seen no negative effects.

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