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Tongkat Ali?

Hey Anon,

I forgot to mention that I got that free booklet on herbal aphrodisiacs after all. :) So, all in all, I got three freebies.

1) A pill cutter with two small pill storage areas underneath
2) Sample bottle of Memory Edge
3) Than booklet

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Sorry guys, I just read this thread. All along I thought you were talking about Muhamed’s lesbian daughter…


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Big One

You are right. Everyone’s physiology is different. Been on the Tongkat for a week now. Using 3 rather than 2 per day. Can’t tell a difference. Glad you got good results. I am hoping that it will kick in after a while longer. StaminaRX worked great for me when I first tried it. Had semi’s all day long. Boners came often and easily. But my body adapted to it and it gradually stopped working. MXL


I got interested in tongkat from reading this thread. A little more than 2 weeks ago I bought both MuscleJack capsules and liquid tongkat. After about 3 days I started showing signs of an increased testerone level, in all forms. A week ago I started taking ZMA again and now I’m cruisin’, so to speak. As with Magnum, boners came often and easily, and I’ve been releasing a load every 2 days since last week out of necessity. I think my body’s calmed down in that respect somewhat, but that may be because my sleep pattern has changed from some other supplements. I’m still getting high quality morning wood (at age 65) and maybe the best part of all, I’m putting on muscle. WOO HOO!

IMHO, tongkat ali is very good stuff.



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I’ve never tried Tongkat Ali, but the symptoms sound to me very much like those of freeing up SHBG bound testosterone.

There are some foods that do this (I think green oats is one), but from what I’ve read anecdotally the effect is best felt when cycled periodically, since the body can adapt and compensate after a while.

Like I said, I’ve never tried it so I could be way off, but I’d be very interested to see if that’s what shows up on the saliva tests.



I think you are right on cycling this product. I have been taking it almost every day and the effect isn’t as strong as it was. Every 2-3 days might be worth a try.

I can’t figure out why it worked so well on me for the first few weeks. I couldn’t even stretch in the morning more than a minute or two without getting rock hard.

It gave me a better result than arginine without an upset stomach and the awful taste.

I have no studies to prove what I am saying and I am too lazy to try to look any studies up. LOL

I’ll try cycling. Have run out of Tongkat, and want to get away from Muscle Jack for a while since it seems to upset my digestive system. Will wait until next Wednesday or whenever the new Tongkat gets here.


"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

News about Tongkat Ali and Testosterone?

My testosterone level is under normal and in this thread was mentioned that Tongkat Ali could increase testosterone level in your body.

I also read that a low testosterone level is bad concerning PE, so
a higher testosterone level would have MANY positive (side)-effects, at least on me :)

Any comments or new information on that?


Pumpman :wave:


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"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams



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Tongkat ali is good stuff folks. I take one tablet of Source Naturals L100 Tongkat ali 80mg extract in the morning. It’s expensive but it’s well worth it for me.

I’ve been taking it for just one week. As of the second day I have been very very horny and I’m getting throbbing hardons all the time, like now!

Testosterone levels definitely seem to be UP

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Wouldn’t Tongkat Ali cause major hair loss troubles because of the raised testosterone levels? I mainly want to take it because of Propecias side effects (ED).Propecia stops the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

I have been using Tongkat Ali for just over a week now. The first evening of sex was very disappointing - could not keep stiff at all. It was probably just “one of those things” but I found it odd. However, since then - at double the recommended dose - things have got better and better. Apparently it takes a couple of weeks to get the full effect, but already my balls are hanging very low (not normal for me) and my flaccid state feels much heavier. Nice!!

Personally I don’t think Tongkat Ali is the direct route to a larger penis - the doses would be just to high (read the medline thread on infotreive). However, the evidence supporting it as a strong aphrodisiac is substantial. I recommend!

P.s. I bought it from a website who were very helpful nd delivered promptly from Malaysia

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This is what the site hopefull mentions says:

“Tongkat Ali has been shown to increase testosterone. It is alleged that it does so by stimulating the Leydig cells of the testicles to produce more testosterone. This is different from the action, for example, of Proviron, which acts like the body’s own testosterone and therefore causes the Leydig cells to shut down their production of the hormone. For this reason, anabolic steroids cause testicular and penile shrinkage.

In a toxicological study with various laboratory animals the LD50 values of tongkat ali were established for mice, rats, rabbits, and dogs. LD50 means: the dose at which 50 percent of the laboratory animals die. The LD50 values are at more than a gram of extract per kg of body weight.

When the Tongkat Ali-poisoned animals where dissected, several internal organs, such as the liver and the kidneys, were clearly swollen. This is not surprising for any LD50 test, as the above-cited organs are directly involved in the metabolism of ingested substances. More interesting was, in my opinion, that the primary male sexual organs of poisoned laboratory animals also were markedly swollen. This is very unusual.

Testicular and penis size are clearly testosterone-dependent. Every bodybuilder who uses steroids, and thereby shuts down his body’s own testosterone production, can easily observe how the inactivity of his Leydig cells cause testicular and penile shrinkage. And it’s a spur in Leydig cell activity, which, during puberty, causes a boy’s sexual organs to become the size of a man’s. Furthermore, testosterone over-production endocrine disorders during adolescence cause oversized male genitalia.

The assumption that tongkat ali extract causes an increase in penile and testicular volume through Leydig cell stimulation is further supported by observations of trial participants who reported a sense of testicular and penile fullness after tongkat ali use.”

The last paragraph is certainly in line with my experience.


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