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Tricomin works

I take back what I said about rogaine—My hair is slightly longer and I tried a different hairstyle today that I haven’t been able to do in years…

I guess it DID work—

It’s just that the effect is so gradual and subtle, it’s hard to measure. I can’t say how well it worked, too bad I didn’t take a picture.

Mr. T

How much Tricomin do you use per application?

"Look what your brother did to the door!" lies / horrible customer service / Very slow to ship

—Don’t Order from—
I’m extremely dissapointed in I ordered Tricomin + Revivogen from this site. I had called them and waited over an hour on hold just to be told “your order was already shipped on the 5th”. Then on the 11th I got another shipping notice via email. I called them & here is their explanation

There is a process at which allows the product to be picked and packed and ready to be shipped. If there are many orders being filled out at once, this process might be longer than expected. Also we do not process orders on the weekends. We apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have additional questions, please reply to this email. Thank you for shopping at Folica. We appreciate your business.

Longer than expected? I ordered the 3rd and they waited until the 11th to ship my order. On top of that, they LIED about it—they had told me 6 days previously my order was shipped, then they admitted the next week that they were dishonest with me. (compare to who shipped the same day I ordered, and my product arrived the next day).

Strange. I ordered from them on Monday and my order was shipped yesterday, due to arrive today.

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

I got a friend to also order from — he had the exact same experience I did, (it took them just as long to ship) and he’s in a different part of the country (so it has nothing to do with location).

The only person I know in real life that also ordered from them had a horrible experience as well. I have a hard time believing what you wrote, since what happened to me is by no means an isolated occurrence.

I.E. It also took him over 10 days to to get his delivery because they are really slow to ship.

We both ordered only 2 items: Revivogen and Tricomin.

I’ll never order from again.

Can’t you make trycummin spray yourself?

I’m sure it would be a very pleasureable experience.

I ordered mine through got the spray and shampoo and conditioner for about $88.00. I’ve only been using it for a week, so we’ll see how it goes, gotta give it a chance.

Originally Posted by Leatherface
Mr. T

How much Tricomin do you use per application?

Enough to coat my entire scalp. One bottle will last me about 4 weeks.
My hair is still shedding like crazy, but it looks thick though.
Something is happening, but this shedding is freaking me out.
Just want to be totally honest, but at least my hair is getting thicker.
Just so you know with the amount of hairs I have been shedding I would be bald by now.
So something is fucking working. This shed started after starting Tricomin and I have been shedding since May 28.
I would definitely be bald if this shit wasn’t actually shortening the resting phase and doubling the thickness of the hair follicles.
I think this proof.

Order it from They offer a Tricomin and Revivogen three month supply in a combo. You save over 8 bucks plus the already cheap existing cost.

There is no other place to get it cheaper. I looked everywhere.

I’ll try again to order from - apparently my order didn’t go through before because you have to spell things absolutely perfect on the street address or it wont go through. I might have abbreviated something I should have spelled out on my street address—which is the only reason they could explain in terms of why my order failed.

Mr T — I’m trying your program starting today— Rogaine / Tricomin / Nioxin / Revivogen — I don’t have the Nioxin scalp treatment spray (just shampoo / conditioner).

Hopefully I’ll see some hair grow back!

For now, although this sounds odd, I can just dye my hair really dark—then it appears very full like I have lost nothing (I’m getting salt & pepper way too early, I’m only 33).

A friend of mine is trying the same thing, minus the Rogaine.

I ordered from Folica on Monday and got my order on Wednesday. I have no idea why you would think I would be lying about something like that.

And it is FOLICA, not FOLICIA. Maybe you’re ordering from a different site.

"Look what your brother did to the door!"

Hey guys I want to try this but some of the reviews of major hair loss have me spooked so keep me informed on how it works out for you guys.

Check these reviews out

Haircare Products | Shop Over 2000 Hair Products | LOOKFANTASTIC US

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Originally Posted by Leatherface
I ordered from Folica on Monday and got my order on Wednesday. I have no idea why you would think I would be lying about something like that.

And it is FOLICA, not FOLICIA. Maybe you’re ordering from a different site.

Leatherface: Where the hell did I say you were lying? I just said I have a hard time believing you—I trust the experience of someone I know in real life more, especially since they had the exact same experience I did. Re-read what I wrote. And no, I did order from - thanks for pointing out the spelling error. Also, their customer service is absolute shit. Try calling them on the phone— I called them several times, the phone hold time was 30 minutes to one hour each time. On top of that, the customer service person I talked to was useless—they lied to me as well.

—Tricomin Got Some Negative Reviews—
As to the bad reviews, I think these people are confusing a faster growth cycle with permanent hair loss—

Anyone that has read up on hair loss knows that a good product will make you shed like crazy. Even propecia makes you shed.. so I think some of the people may be confused.

One problem is they give very limited information—they don’t say how long they used the product. I’ve noticed a lot of people complaining are women. At least for me I have very short hair—if it falls out, as long as it regrows soon, I doubt I’ll even notice. I figure that’s a completely different story for women. They generally have long hair, where it may take a year for each strand of hair to fully grow in… hair falling out, even with a faster growth cycle might wreak havoc on a woman.

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I have one observation, at least from these bad reviews.

Every single bad review never mentions using another product. If you look closely, many (but not all) of the good reviews mention Tricomin being used in conjunction with several other products.

Maybe if you use Tricomin alone, it doesn’t work well.

Ok, lying vs. hard time believing. Let’s call it the curse of the internet and its inability to convey a message through print.

But I can promise you that what I said was true, HOWEVER, I have always ordered from them online and never used the phone. Maybe their online service is good and their phone service stinks.

Either way, as long as you get your product, all is well.

"Look what your brother did to the door!"


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