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Has anyone else had this problem?

Has anyone else had this problem?

Hey everyone. I wanted to shoot this out into the open before I started panicking.

I was recently in Africa for twenty-odd days, and during that time, I did not have the time or privacy to do anything other than a few stretches and the occasional jelq in the shower (we only had cold water for showers so I tried to limit my time there). When I came back, I decided to “clean the pipes, so to speak. I masturbated, and while it felt amazing, I literally lasted about 30 seconds before loosing it.

I was a little bothered by this as I hoped to have a decent session, but I recovered in about 2 minutes and was ready to do it again. I tried again, this time, I lasted a full minute. Again, I thought that I was just wound a little tightly.

Today, I jelqed for a bit, and stretched. Not too much, just enough to loosen me up. Thankfully, I did not loose any of my gains from my long absence from PE work. I tried masturbation, and no joke, I last about 45 seconds this time.

Normally, I go at least 10-15 minutes before I have to worry, but this new development is just ridiculous.

I haven’t gone this long without SOME stimulation for a least a couple years, and I was wondering if this hyper-sensitivity was because of that. Have any others experienced anything similar? I’d really appreciate some input on this subject. Thanks!

PS: I hope this is the right forum for this. If not, my bad, I’m not too good with categories and classification.

11/2/05 5'8; 180 lbs, 35 waist BPEL-7.2, NBPEL- 6.0 EG- 5.0-midshaft There is the man I am, and the man I can be. Someday, they'll meet.

I went through something like this recently, where there was a SUBSTANTIAL difference in the amount of stimulation before ejaculation. Of course I was coming off of clomipramine due to a supply issue, but none the less. Anyway, this is how I pulled myself out of it. Resume jelqing daily, try and make sure your giving the head a good brushing while doing so. After a few days, start masturbating dry and edge for as long as you can hold out. I personally chose to not ejaculate at all, but as long as your building up stimulation time you should improve. Then after your comfortable with the amount of stimulation you can handle, start using a lubricant with masturbation again. You should be your old self within a couple weeks.

Thanks buddy, appreciate the advice! Now that I think of it, since I wasn’t jelqing or stretching, my head was probably getting super-sensitized with the break.

11/2/05 5'8; 180 lbs, 35 waist BPEL-7.2, NBPEL- 6.0 EG- 5.0-midshaft There is the man I am, and the man I can be. Someday, they'll meet.

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