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urologist talks about PE


urologist talks about PE

Hello everyone, I am new here and this is my first and only message. I am a MD currently in my urology residency. I tried PE for three years in college and medical school before I learned about the possible dangers involved.

Before I get into this, I will speak shortly about the mechanisms of penile erection in layman’s terms. The penis is able to sustain an erection because of one-way valves which allow blood in, but do not allow blood to flow out. If these valves are damged, they often do not grow back very well, and if damaged severely enough, may cause permanent decrease in erection rigidity.

PE may damage the penis in such a way as to destroy these valves. When PE participants report that they need to take breaks due to a decrease in ability to achieve healthy erection, this is possibly a direct result of this valve damage. Although the penis can often repair itself adequately enough to restore good function after such damage has occured, this is not always the case. Permanent damage is very possible.

As far as the excercises noted for enlargement, manual stretching is probably ok, and may even produce some length gains. (In three years I gained .2 inches) The girth excercises such as jelqing and squeezing, however, are probably not a good idea. To obtain the necessary engorgement to stretch these delicate tissues, would require a degree of force which is likely to cause damage to the penile valves. (I gained no girth and permanently decreased my erection rigidity)

I am posting this message because I wish I would have known what I do now so many years ago. Don’t make the same mistakes I did. If you read this and decide that I am full of shit, I would advise that you find some urology and radiology jounals and do some reading on your own before you making any further desicions regarding these methods.


J.B.H. M.D.

Hey jbh,

You are the guy with the education, how about pointing us in the direction of some of these journals/articles? Or at least give us the correct name for these valves , so we can attempt to track down some information.

Just a thought, med school stress wouldn’t have contributed to your decreased erections, would it??

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So if your speculations are correct then valve damage is based on pushing too much blood through at a time and perhaps damaging them. Do you think that this would still occur when jelqing from a semi erect state (maybe 50%)? I would think that valve damage would have the tendency to occur when jelqing from a more erect state. More detailed information would be appreciated if possible, for me it seems that if i try really hard i can engorge my penis much more during sex or masturbation than when jelqing. So perhaps only over strenous jelqing can cause damage, just as most over strenous activities do?


Thanks for scaring the shit out of everybody! In response to your post, I discussed your statements with a friend of mine who is a Urologist and has been one for 17 years. He also happens to participate in PE, although he is winding down. He concurs with your statement that damage to the penile valves will affect erectile rigidity. However, he disputes your position about the vulnerability of these valves. Of course, any tissue can be damaged. However, with proper warm-ups (using a lot of moist heat and easy stretching) jelqing, stretching and even hanging are safe if done properly. I am 47 years old and have been involved in PE for 7 months. My erections are harder then they have ever been. However, I admit that I do PC exercises regularly and they are proven to help increase blood flow and thus, penile rigidity. According to my Urologist, the valves will perform better if the penile tissue is conditioned. That is, it is exercised. If you talk to some of the members of this forum who are in their 60s, they will tell you that their erections are very rigid. This at an age when many men can’t even attain an erection. Your notes of caution are well taken, however. I myself am being more cautious than ever - but I’m continuing on.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Thank you for the post jbh, but like ThunderSS please point us

in the direction of some good reading. I also think Med School and

your residency is or was a big factor in your disappointments

ie…lack of sleep, major stress, and other stuff…….

There have been to many GAINS made my people to say it won’t

work, and yes you do have to be careful…..


…………………Jelktoid, great post as well……………………..

………………………………………….. ………………………………………….. ….



I’m an MD also. I am not the only one on this board. Another urologist (a practicing one) is who is known to a member here is also sucessfull with his pe, however I cannot recall what method he uses.

I gained 1 5/8” in length and 1/2” in girth in 7 months and my erections are BETTER than they were before. My routine is jelq and stretch. I don’t own a pay site or get any thing in return for posting here.

I am sorry to hear of your misfortune. Perhaps constriction techniqes were not for you. Of course, no way to tell until you actually try them out.

It is interesting that urologists who do lengthening surgery also prescribe hanging weights and stretching. In my opinion it is actually these two modalities that effect the lengthening the surgery only enlarges the urologist’s pocket and may improve the “hang” a little. I think that those of us who successfully use jelq are those that can apply the pressure just within that narrow therapeutic window so that the corpora are enlarged without significant damage to the “one way” valves you speak of.


Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


Thanks for the heads-up. A positive aspect of this particular forum is that it is populated by largely open minds.

I am one of the older members. I had serioius ED issues long before I heard of PE. Certainly Viagra has been a boon but since taking on PE and pumping, I’ve had a return to an absolutely healthy and normal nocturnal erection pattern whereas these events (and morning wood) were very rare for me before. This in itself is gratifying. But sexual erections are also very hard and certainly much larger in length and girth now; sex is something I look forward to again.

I understand the potential problem of valve damage. But on personal evidence and having talked with many hundreds of others, I still feel that a well-thought PE program, begun by a man who can train himself to be aware in the “body feeling” sense of potentially damaging exercises to him, the odds are much more in favor of improvement of function than they are in damage. It’s about being careful.

It’s possible that your own erection problems stem from other areas/practices in your life. Certainly you are aware of what those are.

I hope you’ll continue with the thread you’ve started, especially in pointing readers toward scientific studies that support your points. And maybe our combined experiences stored here can give you some cues that will help you better understand your own situation.

Thanks for posting.



Huh? What valves?

http://www.peyr … /mechanics.html


What do you make of the Horse Squeeze, that is something like a very intense reverse jelq?


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I have experienced a decrease in erection rigidity as a result of participating in experiment b and am currently forced to take a rest. I may have brought it upon myself as a result of being to aggressive in an effort to achieve faster gains. I am a beginner and I have been thinking that the decrease in rigidity was just a factor in the conditioning process that I am trying to get past. Is this just me or did everyone go through this? I too would like more information on these valves. Til


You can hurt yourself with this shit, just like running will fuck your knees up or weight lifting will fuck your shoulders up. My knee hurts sometime from highschool football. It’s just like anything else sometimes you take a risk to get something. maybe I shouldn’t bench over 300 plus pounds I could really stay in shape with 225 and I wouldn’t put so much stress on my body. But I can’t help it I like to push the limits. But we all have to remember and that goes for newbies twice over take it easy with Mr winky

oooooooooooo:) .


great point. Tit building also has its risks.

most of us here have psychological issues with our penis and this also can effect erections at times. but early on I too did experience the “fatigued dick”syndrome one needs to give yourself an adequate recovery time before tackling the old lady.

I would think that these were risky both for causing valve damage (vien damage) long term and and for developing thromboses.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


i think this needs some clearer information.

I’d highly appreciate it if the original poster would tell us what his routine was - eg it is more or less known that jelqing on an erect one can cause damage ! Is he talking about exercises done on an merely erect penis (like some hardcore jelqing) ? :)
(I dont know, i am no doctor nor a jelq master :)

What about PE done with…say 50% to 60% erection ? The tissue and everything is still very soft and flexible - any damage to expect by jelqing/squeezing semi hard-on ?

Even if i see many people respond to him with the opposite opinion (“It doesnt do harm”) it would be nice to clear up that isse….i think its just too important to just ignore ?

(Myself: i have problems to believe to inflict permanent damage squeezing my semi hard/soft one….it doesnt ‘feel’ much more forceful than other stuff you usually do with your thing…lol…and it’s not the case that most of us do the ‘dangerous’ stuff on fully erect ones…eg. squeezing around blood where there is no room anymore and similiar when its fully hard. )

Thank you, PEnister.

I always have to wonder about the validity of statements coming from the supposed medical community representatives when it comes their descriptions and claims. When one looks at some of the accurate (and complicated!) descriptions of the erectile process, the mention of a one way valve and the claim of damage seems a bit oversimplified. The process of an erection and any difficulties related to it could be a result of quite a few things, possibly caused by squeezing and other PE. Did squeezes damage or enlarge what appear to be apertures in the tunica fucking up the staving off of blood via venous leakage? IOW, holes stretched to big too soon if that’s even possible? Is this leakage really permanent physical damage or is it related to some of the biochemical processes of erection? Occurs to me that if one were to stress out the tissues in the dick, some of the activities (receptor related) might be compromised in a manner which causes an incomplete erection. How ‘bout the nervous system and it’s role in the erectile process? Do ridiculously strenuous routines and one could see the potential for nerve damage, some of which might contribute to problems. I’m not claiming to have a great understanding of the erectile process and all the physical, chemical and nervous system components involved and only a basic grasp of the corporo-veno-occlusive mechanism. Not even sure I spelled that last one right, but if one claims to be an MD on these boards why not give some detailed support of these medical conclusions? At least a half-assed attempt of diagnosing what specifically occurred to result in a problem would be greatly appreciated. Statements like “damage one-way valves…” is pretty vague and useless in alot of ways. Where exactly are the damaged valves? Think the damage is related to only pressure or hand position also? Is it time related? Repetition related? Some do these exercises and don’t appear to have problems, so there might be some mitigating circumstances and individual variables which are involved here. Not trying to be an asshole and contradict anyone’s claims here, and I do agree that some PE exercises are likely dangerous in various ways if done in overstrenuous fashion. However, instead of making blanket statements and generalizations about a particular activity, maybe some detail about exactly how one performed an ex to see if we can learn what’s REALLY a dangerous approach to it…then practice avoidance of that particular approach. Benchpress? Fuck yeah, it’s dangerous! Reach down and try to scratch yer balls at the apex of the movement and it can result in gravity induced chest trauma, potentially damaging some rather useful parts of one’s skeleton and internal anatomy. Specifics depending on weight, point of impact, and individual differences. However, done right in a safe manner, it’s up there with squats and pull-ups for muscle building. groa

I too am one of the cynics - I like to see things in writing from reputable sources rather than blindly accepting concepts that are unproven from sources which are unacknowledged. I remain unconvinced until someone can provide something more substantial than claims alone. Of course PE can cause damage - we have an injury forum here for that very reason. I’m also interested in finding out more about these valves - these are not mentioned in any anatomical literature I’ve read. Inquiring minds want to know more!

If these claims do turn out to have validity, then it would stand to reason that hanging may be the safest form of PE. Yet, I know from my own experience, that it too can cause a (usually temporary) degree of ED. Does this mean that hanging damages the valves? If so, how? These are completely different stresses. While venous leakage (“valve” damage????) may be the culprit for some cases of PE induced ED, I am not convinced that it’s the only, or even the main, cause.

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I have read about the valves about a year ago and mentioned on PE Forums without much discussion being generated. Can’t recall the source but I’ll think today about it.

For a certainty that is how the penis works (the valves). Of course, extreme exercise in everything exponentially increases injury likelihood. But we know that already. I suggest we keep our eyes open for more information on this subject.

For the original poster - jbh - it would be appreciated if you could give the technical term for these penile valves. I recognize finding adequate online info on these may be scarce.

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