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Clamp or Pump Which should I start

Clamp or Pump Which should I start

Hey guys. I have been PE’ing for about 3 months now and have got some newbie gains. My routine is pretty simple:
5 minute rice sock warm up
10-15 minutes manual stretching
20 rotary stretches each direction in between stretching sets
100 flaccid jelq’s
100 50-60% erect jelqs
A few Uli’s and Horses

That’s been my routine for about two months now, I haven’t measured in almost a month so I’m not sure if I’m still gaining. My BPEL is 5.3” (started at 5.0”) and my MSEG is 3 7/8”.4” on good days. (Pretty depressing)

I really want to start getting my girth up so just this week I have started clamping. I do 3x 5 minute sets with 5 minute breaks in between. My question is am I ready to start clamping? I want to clamp for more girth but I heard it’s one of the more dangerous PE methods. Should I switch over to pumping instead? I wouldn’t mind pumping because it is great for girth and you can also gain length as well, both of which I need. Kinda like killing two birds with one stone you know? Of course I will still do my normal routine, but I want to start pumping or something for girth.would you guys recommend it?

I’ll also add that I throw in some O-Bends and Sadsak slinkys here and there but I don’t really feel any expansion, maybe I’m doing them wrong I don’t know. I feel alot of expansion during clamping but I want to keep it safe. So should I start pumping instead.before I start clamping? Thanks in advance!

I would back off on the Slinkys for a little longer, Personally I would suggest trying to get girth out of manual exercises first then stepping it up to clamping when those fade. I know nothing of pumping.

For manual girth exercises you may want to try:
Sadsak head girth (or various mods)
Erect jelqing
More jelqing in general many girth routines have a staple of 300+ jelqs.

Something else I do to intensify any squeeze/jelqs is clamping(with your hand) at the bottom like you do with a horse 440 and doing the squeeze/jelq primarily with the other hand, in the case of Ulis I bring both up the shaft together and never release the bottom.

You should also be advised that lengthening a fatter dick is normally harder to do, many Vet’s will tell you get length first if you are going for both. I have read many times clamping tends to kill length gains.

All that being said/suggested I come from the school of pushing and constant increases in intensity, my best advice would be to steadily increase repetition (more reps, more exercises) and intensity (adding the manual clamp to a squeeze at a time a set at a time, holding it longer) over time. For myself time meant every 3 weeks or so (for the past 6 months).

My girth had increased by .875”(Sadly on a 6 or so week break I lost my most recent .075) over the past 9 months with those exercises.

Best of luck!

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Be careful and do a lot of reading on clamping first.

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Measure right now. If you have more gains don’t stop your current routine; get as much results as you can from the least amount of effort. Even if you don’t have current gains I would suggest staying with the newbie routine plus a little bit more (bends or something) for another month.

Only once you have completely exhausted your newbie gains should you try advanced things like clamping. Save clamping for later in your PE career, because this is a marathon not a race, and you have plenty of time to try clamping several, or many, many months from now.

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How about pumping? Is it good or bad?

Retention head is right, I was thinking the same. Don’t go on clamping or pumping jet. Try and make you’re own advance routine, add more time and numbers. Do that routine about 2-3 months and then if you measure and see on gains change the routine. You’re still to fresh to start some thing like that, and why change if you can still gain with the routine you’re doing now?

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