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Cutting vacu hanger sleeve

Cutting vacu hanger sleeve

I’ve just received my vacu hanger and am very impressed with it so far. Since I have some extra fat on the fat pad I have had trouble keeping the extra skin back when using clamping type hangers. Unless I had the clamp on TIGHT it would start to slide with the skin. However with MonkeyBar’s product there is no slippage and I feel a great pull as well. I had purchased the Auto-ADS prior to this and will now be using the vacu hanger in place of it. No complaints about the Auto-ADS, I just find that I get a much better stretch with the vacu hanger.

Ok now for the topic at hand. There is some extra sleeve slack after the weight is attached and I wondered if it would be alright to cut off some of the extra sleeve so that there isn’t any extra rolled up once I’m at full hanging length?

Sure you can cut it. Be sure you make a straight cut and don’t leave nicks that could be a place wear a tear would start.

I have a vacextender and I think those sleeves are stretchier than the hanger sleeves(?), but I prefer not to cut mine and fold up the extra instead. This way, if you get a tear, you can cut off the bad portion and still have enough leftover to have a usable sleeve.

Horny Bastard

Well the package I bought came with three sleeves so I suppose cutting one won’t be a big deal. The sleeves are pretty heavy duty, thicker than I expected them to be. And that’s definitely a plus.

3 sleeves might last you a long time, but I have ripped a couple. If there is a small nick on the edge from a fingernail or something, that nick will run into a long tear when you try to stretch the sleeve. If you have extra length, you can cut off the rip and still have a usable sleeve.

If you want to cut them for comfort, cut just the one you are using and see how long it lasts before you cut the others.

Horny Bastard

That sounds good. Thanks for the input!

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