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Gaining NBP without gaining BP

Gaining NBP without gaining BP

Is there any way of gaining NBP without gaining of BP? I just measured and seem to be about 0.25” away from my NBP goal, but only about 0.125” away from my BP goal. I’m taking a week off and seemed to have gained a little so far, still have till Friday off though, so I’ll measure again then and maybe things will have evened out. I’m currently hanging about an hour a day. Can I do what I want with hanging or is there some other way (special stretches?)?


If you lose bodyfat you will gain NBP without necessarily gaining BP.

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Loose the paunch. I figure I’ll gain about 0.75” by getting to my goal weight.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!

Hey, thanks for answering.

I am already pretty skinny though and don’t plan to loose any body fat. Is there any other way?

There will always be a correlation between NBP and BP, with the only variable being fat pad thickness, which subtracted from BP is NBP.

You can’t have goals out of whack with one another. Having a goal of 7 NPB and 8 BP with only a 1/2” fat pad thickness is impossible.

Perhaps a revision of your goals is in order? Pick the one that is most important to you and let the other fall wherever it may.

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This definitely works!!

I’ve lost about 10 lbs this summer and gained 1/2”NBP with only a 0.1” BP gain!

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I’m pretty sure my goals aren’t out of whack. My goal is 8.5” BP and 8” NBP. This used to work out, but last time measuring I was very close to 8.5” BP but not as close to 8” NBP. I should probably just forget this whole thing ‘cause I probably just measured wrong or something. Picking one or the other is a good idea, I just don’t know which one I would pick.



try doing your measurements different ways.

Lets say you measure laying on your back. This will decrease the fat pad to its minimum. You may find that consistent measuring with this posture will produce the measureing you want. To further illustrate my point I can drastically decrease my nbp measurement by taking it leaning forwrd (fat pad falls forward).You may not realize it but nbp can vary by position irrespective of body fat distribbution.

Check it out guys, no need to have a big dick if you ain't gonna use it!!


It’s possible that I was leaning over a little bit so I could see the ruler numbers better. I’m gonna measure again on Friday and see what happens.

Thanks for the help :)

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