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Give me your opinion/comments on my new program

Give me your opinion/comments on my new program

Ok, im going to start a new workout program and P.E. program. It’s allready been written down, now all i need is your opinions and comments on it.

Starting size when erect: 3 3/4”

Workout Program:
- cardio
- strength training
- core workouts

I won’t go into detail that much, but basically im going to follow alot of steps as listed in Men’s Health (a great magazine) publication of the Abs Diet. Meaning along with working out, i will eat correctly, 5 times a day. The program is promising and it’s suppose to take 6 weeks to get a 6-pack. I don’t expect to have a 6-pack in 6 weeks but I do expect myself to be ALOT more healthier than I allready am. I’m a little overweight, but really, im terribly out of shape. Need to fix that.

P.E. Program:’s 62 day 1-inch guarentee

Yes, I made the mistake of paying for membership in a garbage site. The website doesn’t even have forums, and EVERYONE uses the same password I bet. There’s only a tagboard… but anyways, they supposedly have a 30-something page P.E. guide to be released very soon. I did 1 week of their beginner P.E. and saw my veins pop out alot more, but thats it. I didn’t expect gains that fast but the next week just consisted of more jelqs… thats where I did more searching and found thundersplace.

I will post what the 62day 1-inch guarenteed workout is in the next page.


- centrum (multivitamin)
- whey protein (to mix in drinks after workouts)
- vig-rx (penis enhancement pill to use while doing P.E. for maximum gains, and a.s.a.p.)
- maxoderm (a penis enhancement cream to use while doing P.E. for maximum gains, also.)

What do you all think? I’m hoping to reach at least 5 inches in the next 8 weeks. If i follow all that I’ve said, im sure working out the core of my body alone for 6 weeks will kill some of the fat pouch that surrounds my penis and it will show up to be over 4 inches. In addition to that, the P.E. with the pills/cream which advertise “results in weeks”. I’m hoping the extra bloodflow to my penis will benefit the exercises.

please give me your opinions/comments, i wish to begin this monday.

Hi Gardettos,

That 4” hidden in your fat pad seems to be quite a lot. Have you actually measured that, I mean is the difference between your bone pressed and navel pressed lenght over 4”? You probably won’t get rid of that fat completely, there is always some fat in there.

1” from PE workouts in 8 weeks would be very good, however most people won’t gain that much in so short time IMO.

Good luck to you.

PS. it’s illegal to post copyrighted material…

It’s been done before but it’s not that common to gain that quickly, however don’t be discouraged if you don’t get there in that time, just keep PEing and you’ll almost definitely reach your goal

Good Luck with your routine

Hey Gardettos,

Welcome to Thunder’s! Looks like you have a very well laid out plan. I’d be interested to see if the vig-rx and maxoderm actually do anything to help with gains. Do alot of reading around the board. You will learn much. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see the gains they say. Just keep with it, and be open to modifiying that routine as your body dictates. That last thing you want to do is hurt yourself. Check out the threads in my signature. Good luck to you.


Sorry guys I was unaware of this and wasn’t thinking before I made my post..

But thanks for the responses, this is a great place

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