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How important is edging


How important is edging

I’m wondering about edging and how important it is to gain. Is edging important to get gains or to cement gains. Does it matter when I edge or is it best right after a PE session? Edging is just masturbating without coming? Keeping an erection for a longer period of time. How long should a edging session be? I know there are allot of information out there about edging but if someone could just break it down simple and explain what edging is all about and how often, when and how long it should be done. I would appreciate it.

I believe edging is stopping JUST before the point of no return and waiting. Then you resume masturbating, and repeat. Eventually, you’ll allow yourself to cum.

I gave it a shot for a while, but found that as soon as I would start up again I would be ready to cum almost right away. I never really devoted much time to it.

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Just looking at it logically, edging shouldn’t have anything at all to do with actual gains, seeing as what you’re doing is increasing your sexual stamina, not your penis’ size.

Clubbin, at least what I’ve read what you experienced is common in the beginning, and that if you keep at it you actually might need to stop every 5 seconds in the beginning after reaching ‘the point’.
But keep ‘numbing’ it for 5min and theoretically you should increase your stamina.

Edging is great for sexual stamina and focusing on kegels while doing that will help.

As for PE benefits, I think that it will help blood flow, vein expansion and general dick control period, which I find useful as I experiment with jelqing with higher levels of erection.

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OK. Yea to me it feels like edging is for improving sexual stamina. I can’t really see how it would help with gains. But it sounds like some here on thunders are using edging as a method to improve gains.

I always end my PE routine with 30 minutes of edging. Does it help gains? No idea, but my current routine (newbie with bundled stretches + edging) is giving me measurable gains on a weekly basis, so I’m reluctant to change anything about it until I hit a plateau.

I think, as mentioned above, the primary benefit is the blood flow, which is awesome right after a workout. You also get some temporary expansion beyond that of a normal erection if you do it right after a stretch/jelq session, I think. Whether that’s beneficial to gains or not, I’m not sure.

For me the purpose of edging is to restore normal blood circulation and EQ after a heavy bout of PE. Edging is not going to bring about any physical gains because edging does not add any type of tension related stress to your ligs or tunica. Now if you are talking about clamped edging then yes this will bring about gains because the internal blood pressure from clamping alone will stretch the tunica more then it’s accustomed to during a normal erection.

Edging with a normal unclamped erection is simply jerking off your penis and stopping right before reaching the point of no return. So it’s pretty much just controlled jerking off. You are not going to gain any new PE related size from controlled jerking off because there is no plastic deforming stress being applied at all. It’s just your normal erection being jerked off. Sorry but this is not going to yeild any gains accept for an increase in EQ or maintenance of all ready healthy EQ. That’s why I edge. For EQ maintenance.

I edge for 10 minutes right after my morning hanging session and my evening PE session.

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I agree with saiyan22, the only time edging contributes to gains is in clamping. When you near the point of no return, your penis reaches the peak amount of blood in it. So the only time your penis goes beyond the normal limit with edging is when the internal blood pressure is higher than normal, I.e. When you are clamping.

Besides that it just helps with EQ and to make sure you have Positive Indicators for growth.


May 2010 el 6.5 eg 5.9

Jan 2011 el 7.2 eg 6 GOAL:JUN 2011 8x6.5 LONG TERM GOAL:9X7.5

April 2012 el 7.5 eg 6 going to be huge ;) wish I had before and after pics.. Newbies do it for your own sake!

Thanks for the replies and good info. So edging is pretty much what I thought then. Good for EQ, not really gonna do anything for gains. But good EQ is really important also. Maybe I should try some clamped edging.

Edging probably won’t have much impact on gains in my opinion. Just having good EQ will hopefully entail good night/morning wood which is plenty good enough.

Edging does not affect PE gains.

I’m only a newbie. In fact a new newbie. But I feel edging really would help. And indeed it does feel good. As I edge I get harder and bigger erections.

But the theory that I edge because of is that after my PE session (stretches, squeezes) I want my unit to be in erect state for as long as possible so that the tissues and blood vessels stay in the stretched state. The blood vessels have that extra blood in them for a longer period of time. That I think would result in an effective PE session overall.

I find this especially important in my case because I do the squeezes in the erect state.

I find that edging with a cock ring after PE sessions helps. Perhaps the cock ring, acting as a light clamp in a way, helps provide the needed tension-stress mentioned above.

Cum vinum intrat, exit sapientia

Originally Posted by acer1683
I find that edging with a cock ring after PE sessions helps. Perhaps the cock ring, acting as a light clamp in a way, helps provide the needed tension-stress mentioned above.

Yeah, gonna try that when I edge tonight.

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