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Is it normal?

Is it normal?

I feel like this is a weird question but one I have to ask. Been doing hanging with the bib for over a year with almost 0,75 inch gain in length. After hanging last night I realized that my flacid penis was well over 19cm when fully stretched but when I measured my normal erection(stretched) it was only my question is how is this even possible? Is it even normal for your flacid to be bigger than your erect and if so does it mean that there is enough skin or prospect for the erect size to be also to the extend of the flacid? Sorry for the weird phrasing.

My flaccid stretched length is always about 1/2” longer than my erect length. Somewhat similar to a balloon which is longer when stretched Un inflated than when fully inflated.

Start 11/09 BPEL: 5.5", EG: 4.4"

Current. BPEL: 6:4", EG: 5.5"

I get that but we talking like 3cm here.

I have about a 1/2” difference BPEL vs BPFSL. I don’t think the 3cm delta is odd. When pulling flacid everything stretches lengthwise. When gettting erect, some of that tissue and skin goes into girtth (width) which will naturally makes it shorter.

Began (1/9/2023) BPEL 6.175” x MSEG 4.875”

Current (12/1/2023) BPEL 7.5” x MSEG 5.25”. Goal BPEL 8.0” x MSEG 6.0”

The length that I can achieve while wearing an extender is 2.5cm longer than my BPEL. What you’re experiencing is common.

Half inch difference for me.

Start 8/15/18-BPEL-6.75” MEG-4.625”

2/17/20-BPEL-7.125” MEG-5”

Goal- 8”x5.5”

Ty guys just wanted to know

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