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Lateral angles

Lateral angles

I just wanted to ask since this has been a characteristic of my unit since as long as I can remember:

Does your penis bend at a lateral angle (further from the midline)?

Mine does - and it does so at about 15 to 20 degrees. I suspect if I correct the angle for it to be more straight I.e. In equilibrium on both sides (pointing straight out rather than at the left) this will make the penis appear longer. Maybe if I stretch the ligaments for it to appear straight it might even give me some gains.

Are there any exercises to fix any lateral angles?

The answer probably depends on what’s causing the curve. In some cases, the penis can curve to one side because it is shorter on that side. Stretching the shorter side will cause the two sides of the penis to equalize, thus straightening the curve.

If this is your issue, you can try to correct the curve by stretching either straight or in a direction opposite the curve. For example, if your dick points to the left, you can try pulling it to the right. This is preferentially stress the left side of your penis and perhaps straighten the curve. Pulling straight out might help as well, since the shorter side will always take most of the stress.

If you jelq, you might want to try an overhand grip where you mostly use the hand opposite the curve. So, again, if your dick curves to the left, do most of your jelqs with your right hand. You can apply a lot of stress to the left side by pulling to the right and adjusting your grip and wrist angle.

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Awesome advice. Thanks!

ModestoMan, in the scenario that you gave, would jelqing with your left hand using a regular OK grip have the same effect as jelqing with your right hand using an overhand grip?

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