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LeLuv screw extender-- How much tension does it provide

LeLuv screw extender-- How much tension does it provide

Hello, does anyone own a LeLuv extender with the screws (not the springs), and have measured the tensions of the rods? I just picked up a luggage scale and can’t configure it properly. Just trying to find where the 4-8lb tensions are on the rods specifically.

How can you measure the tension in weight when it has no spings to push back and provide tension? Think about that.

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It’s not a tension device, it’s more of a static stretcher.

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Originally Posted by jumbojim26
It’s not a tension device, it’s more of a static stretcher.

These kind of extenders work with length settings.
For example you start extending at your MFSL every day for X hours and every week you add 0,5cm length.( like the androextender program).

The other way is to unscrew until you reach the MFSL ( when the screws can t go any more) and every 5 mins to unscrew more and more as the dick relaxes and gives more elongation for 1h sets.

I tried the 2nd method in the past and after 1 week my dick was fucked up… it recovered with some rest. This way is brutal because the tension that is being created by this way is very big.
So if you still need to use this extender I advice you to work it with the 1st way.

Just mark the length you want with a permanent marker on the rods and every day for a week extend there… lets say 4 to 6h( you need condition).
Then the next week mark +0,5cm and extend there…. ETC.

Originally Posted by Pe_is_an_art

Thanks for the help! Do you happen to feel soreness during your sessions? Like it has just gotten a good workout? I used to feel it at the top of the base as opposed to the underside of the base. But now the soreness is gone and seems to have dissipated.

Yes I had soreness when I used it for some weeks… this is why I stopped it. It wasn t feeling like a productive soreness and I had turtling after the sessions.

I see, thanks for the help and for answering on Christmas Eve. Happy holidays!

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