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Let the ligs/tunica heal or keep them fatigued?

Let the ligs/tunica heal or keep them fatigued?

I hang perhaps 5-6 hours a week and use my ADS 8-12 hours during the day to keep it extended. My question is do you guys think that one should let the ligs/tunica heal between the hanging sessions and during that time be kept extended at very low tension in an ADS device? OR, do you think the dick would all the time be fatigued and never get time to heal?

For me it seems to be more logical to stretch the tissue in the ligs and the tunica and when you feel real fatigued you should only use your ADS device until the tissue has healed and the fatigue feeling has gone away and when it has, do you`r next hanging session to reach a new fatigue.
I think that stretching or hanging while you all ready are fatigued perhaps would hinder gains. I now there is a Lot people out there gaining when hanging every day but “my” theory seems logical. But on the other hand, not everything seems logical with PE. If it only could be one technique that worked for everyone it would be a lot easier! :)

My question concerning using hanging or stretching with and ADS. ADS alone would be another thing.

This topic is widely disputed. All I can say is if your gaining then I guess it works and you should continue what your doing. If your not I would try something else.

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