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When to heal in extended mode

When to heal in extended mode

I read alot of posts that say you need to keep your unit stretched after your work out so it will heal like this.

But does it really the case? Don’t you need to give it a rest while it is still pumped? Doesn’t it only starting to heal a few hours later? Or maybe alot of hours later? Maybe it can hurt the gains to do it right after the work out?

Just something I thought about since I’m feeling the healing a cross the day, but never right after the workout.

Any thoughts?

You don’t need to ‘heal in extended state’, that’s a misconception born on analogy between PE and leg-lengthening surgery, two totally different things. As a matter of fact, many had wonderful gains without observing this so called ‘principle’.

Adding an ADS could be beneficial, but not because the penis is healing in extended state - you are just adding a bit more stress to your penis; so it can happens that event the additional low stress provided by an ADS/extender could be too much, so counterproductive.

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