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Looking For Guidance

Looking For Guidance

Hi, I’m 26 y/o and I’ve been trying to lengthen my penis, I’m currently around 6.5-7” and decently thick.

I’ve been using a penis pro quick extender or something similar to that name, I’m able to use it for 4-6 hours a day after increasing the amount of time I can use it for, is there any tips or guides I can look into to maximize my size (primarily length but maybe girth won’t hurt too much its already thick) to my goal of 8 inches?

I’ve been looking into jelqing too tried it a bit while laying down and am going to buy a hand towel warmer so I can do it better

If anyone has any guides or tools I should get please let me know (all technique levels please, I’m very careful with knowing if my penis will be damaged and how much it can take I usually work at it slowly to know whats a good level for me)

Please and thank you for any help.

Check the penis extenders section, there is a lot of information in there.

Generally with any PE exercises it’s good to take it easy and gradually increase the time or tension, best only to increase one at a time. After each session check your skin and glans to see what condition they are in. Don’t just up the time or tension if you have one day with no ill affects. Always wait a week and if things are ok then consider upping the tension or time.

@Scienceguy okay I’ll look at it, I’ve had my extender for a long time and I use it on max tension, and I increase the height of it every few months or so, I’m also looking for other methods to increase size besides a penis extender, like hanging, or the absolute best extender, or other methods that guarantee permanent gains.

You are doing great however when you see a slow down you may change up some things.

1, Buy a RED + NIR pad, research here and others on the best solution and uses for warm up or during a hang/extenders session. 30 min a day max.
2, Please see the video from totalman website on his intro to PE, explains really great the whole PE picture
3, Jelq is awesome and in the future consider the 5 x 5 x 3 with water pumping. Pumping never more that 10 hg and never more than 20 min a day.
4, Water pumping is for life for me, wether it be during a routine for PE or during decon and life in general for EQ. Water pumping for life is my motto. Not bathmate to start but with cylinder and gauge. There is a post from Tenacious D on it.
5, hanging , you will find something that works for you or manual stretches

You will see that water pumping is so easy that you will do that for life if only for EQ, so no worries on permanent gains, you will always have that thick D to give to wifey.

Stop setting goals, set objectives without limitations.

5.5 NBPEL Start~~ 5.7 NBPEL- 2011 ~~ 5.75 NBPEL/ 4.25 EG 2012 (Stop 11 years- Started again 4/2023 same stats as 2012)

6.25 NBPEL / 6.75 BPEL / 4.75 EG (5 EG w/ C-Ring over ball & shaft) / Grower 4 FL - 4/2024 ~~ (Objective 6.75 NBPEL / 7.25 BPEL / 5.25 EG & Solid EQ)

There are all kinds of options based on your budget. There are pluses and minuses to every modality and for the different products in each modality.

I like my Best Extender but other guys love the Hog, or the Apex. It’s a matter of taste and budget.

I really like the Total Man Shop products for vacuum hanging setups (cups, sleeves, accordion pump to do the water protection method rather than taping). I also have their compression hanger and compression plate, but I’m not a fan of compression hanging because it takes so long to condition for it and you have to take lots of breaks, which you don’t have to do with vacuum hanging or extending. I have the Total Man extender, too, but it isn’t my favorite, even though it is potentially more stealth than the Best. I have the Total Man desk pulley setup, which is really easy to use.

It might be worth it to check out their online store, since they also have a great video library with lots of good information on all kinds of techniques.

Sometimes I like using a vacuum extender with calibrated springs to know the approximate tension (I use the Best Extender, which has a brand new cool-looking updated model with a built-in digital scale for knowing your exact tension and I think Bluetooth capability to monitor your training from an app).

Sometimes I like to vacuum hang, either with a pulley system under my work from home desk or straight down sitting in a padded shower/toilet chair.

Sometimes I hard clamp with cable cuffs and a mouse pad, sometimes I "hard" clamp with the Python air clamp, sometimes I soft clamp with silicone toe shields.

Sometimes I air pump in a girth-restricted cylinder to target length, sometimes in a wider cylinder to target girth. Sometimes I start in a small cylinder and size up. Sometimes I use my elliptical cylinder to target width. Sometimes I water pump with a cylinder and hand pump, sometimes with my Bathmate.

So you see, there are so many ways to work with different equipment. You can literally pick any or all of these to play around with, depending on your time, interest and budget for PE.

If you have any specific questions about a particular modality then post the inquiry, the more specific the better, and someone here can almost certainly offer some thoughts or good advice. Also use the search about any product or modality you want to learn about, or peruse that section of the forum, since so much has been discussed here over so many years there are bound to be several threads on exactly what you want to learn more about. You might also find inspiration about things you’ve not thought about or heard about before. Happens all the time for me.

Best of luck.

Rock out with your cock out!

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