My Start, Strange Story, Strange Routine and Questions

Hello everybody!

I discovered PE many years ago, but got really into it in the last 2 years. Have been lurking and searching about It everyday, never practicing though.
However, precisely one year ago, one of my friends claimed to have developed a 8.5” penis from his previous 6” in a short period of time with this technique he called “anal flexing” (kegels). I did not buy it. He told me he did a meditation every day, 30~40 minutes a day, while fully erect and squeezing he PC/BC muscles as tight as he possibly could, and climaxing at the end of every session (without stimulation). As he was 17 to 18, I think it’s possible that most of it was natural growth.

“Why not?”, I asked myself. Always wanted to start PEing, but always had the fear of injuring myself and making my penis even smaller. This was a simple muscle contraction, couldn’t be dangerous. So I began my anal flexing journey.

I began doing 1 second flexing as hard as I could, for 2 minutes, five times. Since the first session, I noticed my glans larger and my penis fuller. “Holy ****, this really works”. So I kept doing it every single day, adding more to the routine as I felt needed.

Now, I do 40~60 minutes of kegels every night, as hard as I can. I do it sitting on a chair and standing up at the 20 minute mark (I notice a lot of difference). Contraction time varies. Most of the time, 5 to 15 seconds, with very low rest. I also do a 5 seconds contraction kegel, getting the greatest erection I can, and then doing a tight OK grip at the very base of the penis, trapping blood and creating some pressure, maintaining it for 5 seconds, repeating the process 5 times. I randomly throw these in, many times, during all the session. What I do as well is achieve max erection, kegel as hard as I can for 5 seconds and do this ok grip alone for 15~25 seconds, also randomly and in good amounts all over the session.

Since the beginning of all this I noticed a lot of improvements. The head of my penis doubled in size and the shaft got a lot thicker as well (had a ridiculous head, overall girth and a weak CS. Felt like only my CC’s were filled with blood), And I might had gained a tiny bit of length. All these gains I attributed to greater erection quality.
Over the last month things got even better. I have the best erection quality of my life, strong and healthy penis. Every night I ejaculate after this workout (and what a workout. I wash the whole floor in sweat) and the next day I’m as big and as hard, ready for more (before I did all this, if I masturbated, it would be hard to get an decent erection even 2 days after).

And I think I might be growing with this routine only. It feels bigger, thicker, harder. I don’t know if it is because I found the sweet spot of contraction when kegeling, learned to isolate the muscle better or if it’s my new habit of warming up and down with a rice sock, but I think it’s working.
I only measured my penis with my hands. If I pressed hard against the bone, I could hold it with them both. Now I hold it with both hands and also have the glans left over (would be somewhere near 6.5” I guess). However, 2 or 3 days off and my erection starts to get poor, and my penis not as big. What can I do about this?

Now I’m planning to start the linear newbie routine in the afternoons, starting with some light jelqs and adding stretches after a week or two.
My question is, should I keep both sessions? In the rest days, can I do the night session as well? If I can, should I keep all the “trapping blood” thing or stick with kegels only?

I appreciate your time and help!