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Newbie - short thing guy - Help please

Newbie - short thing guy - Help please

May be I’m one of the unfortunate with 4”-4.5” thing, though my height is about 5’11”.. Even if I pull my thing to the max under normal conditions, I can stretch it to about 4.5” only. I’m new to PE.. Can some one please shed some light whether the exercises in this forum will help me? Do I have fair chances of growth? To what length do I have chances to grow?

Thanks in advance!!

Welcome, I would say start with the Newbie Routine first for a few months and then you could try more advanced exercises. A lot of people here will tell you it takes time and dedication it won’t happen over night. So put the time in and you may get results. There are many members here that can chime in and tell you more. Good luck!

I’ll break my 666 silence. I’d like you to read this, yguy had similar starting stats as you and accomplished something great.

YGuy Progress Report(Copied from PE Forums)

"Crazy dancin! Making my penis sore!"

- Dave Chapelle

Wow thanks for those links, crashhex. Very inspirational!

8/14/05 ---> 11/18/05 -> Next goal

5.500" ------> 6.000" -----> 6.500" BPEL

3.938" ------> 4.125" -----> 4.500" EG

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