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No Gains From Vacuum Hanging. Help 🙏🏻

No Gains From Vacuum Hanging. Help 🙏🏻

Have been vacuum hanging with FIR for past 10 months with 80% consistency but no gains. Gained a few mms in initial 2-3 months with manuals and vacuum hanging but nothing in past 9 months.

Current routine:
5 min tunica release.
8.3 lbs: 10 min.
9.2 lbs 40 min with Totalman FIR pad.
9.2 lbs: 10 min

5 days on, 2 days off most weeks, sometimes it’s 4 on 3 off.
4-5 weeks on, 1-2 week Decon

Strain: If I hang straight out: 1.5-2.4%.
If hang straight down: 2.2-3.6%

P.S. Most likely have steel cord too. I gained the few mm during initial months doing manual fulcrum and bundled stretches. No gains from straight down vacuum hanging.

Seems like you’re doing nearly everything as suggested with the protocol (with the cooldown exception mentioned below). The weights are a bit on the heavy side compared to most, but that would depend on your flaccid girth.

Keeping in mind I’m no expert I have three thoughts, but who knows if they might help:

1. Based on the protocol as I understand it you are supposed to increase the weight 20-25% for the cooldown, and your cooldown weight is the same as your long working set. I have no idea if this would make a difference in outcome, but it is one variable to consider trying.

2. You could try "interval hanging" where you take the weight off of the hang for 15 seconds every minute or two. Some people say this increases elongation in a similar fashion to adding heat. I’ve very recently started pulling the cord with my hand to un-weight my vacuum attachment for 15 seconds or so every couple of minutes and I do seem to feel more fatigue by the end of the set. I haven’t been doing it long enough to say if it is effective or not.

3. You could do a long decon, like a couple of months, to let your tunica soften up, and then recalculate your protocol weight requirement. Perhaps the heavier weights for a long period have toughened your tunica up enough that it isn’t doing the trick anymore. My understanding of the FIRe protocol is to do the least weight necessary to get a result because heavier weights eventually lead to a stalemate where your toughened tunica is no longer responsive to the weight. Going up in weight works for a while but is untenable in the long term and eventually a long break will be needed to reset. So while you’ve been taking the scheduled decon weeks, perhaps a longer break will be the thing to re-start your gains.

Rock out with your cock out!

Yes, I also feel I might be hanging too much. My flaccid girth is not much. TotalMan’s 2nd smallest sleeve is also loose on me.

When I used protocol’s formula to calculate weight weight using my girth, I think it came around 4-5 lbs. But like after a month I started getting poor strain, so I kept on upping the weight.

Not to mention people on reddit (r/gettingbigger) kept on telling me that gains start after 10 lbs.

Also I used to do interval hanging. I got to know about it from BD (r/gettingbigger’s mod only) . I think he came up with this approach.

He now recommends a new approach called tunica release and it’s working just like interval hanging for me.

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