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Plateau related to skin tautness?

Plateau related to skin tautness?

I’ve apparently been cursed with another plateau in my gains. I’ve tried to change up my routine since this helped me break my last plateau. I’m stuck at 6 7/8” BPEL and can’t seem to break that last 1/8th inch to meet my goal.

I always measure during morning wood. My penis always seems during this time like it’s going to break out of the skin. My skin is very tight during an erection. I’ve gained 1.375 inches with PE in erect length. I have a band of fresh (i.e. new pink) skin near the base of my penis that measures 1 inch in length. I know that this is new skin since it is lighter in color than the rest of my shaft. I’m thinking that I’ve gained 1.375 inches of penis and only 1 inch of skin to accommodate it leading to much tighter skin during an erection. It looks very nice, but isn’t helping me in my PE goals at the moment.

Here is what I’ve decided to do:

After using the search function, I’ve found out about foreskin restoration. Since I have always liked the European look, and I do need to gain some extra skin, I bought a TLC Tugger and have been using it for a week. I’ve also been scaling back my PE to what I see as maintenance routine, only doing PE 2 days a week. I’m hoping that any extra skin that I may grow will help me to reach and perhaps exceed my PE goals.

It’s almost a shame, since I seemed to be such a fast gainer, to have a skin tightness problem slow me down, but I’m looking forward to a totally re-designed penis, to go along with my new size.

I just thought I’d share this in case there were others who may have had the same problem. BTW, I’ve read that hanging can also cause extra skin to be grown, but I’ve not started hanging yet. Soon though I will, when I finish building my hanger.

Skin is normally very stretchable so I can’t imagine it is really holding you back.

I would normally agree gprent, but I got to thinking about all the people I’ve seen who are or were pregnant. Some seem to grow new skin and some get stretch marks. Some seem to stretch without marks or having loose skin after the birth. I’ve seen similar things with the skin of weightlifters and people who gain or lose large amounts of weight. So, while I usually consider your statement to be true, I’m figuring what could it hurt.

Then again, I may have achieved as much as my body will allow without hanging, so I guess I’ll finish my hanger this weekend and start hanging some pounds from the ole penis. My penis certainly feels conditioned after four months of jelqing, stretching, and pumping along with the use of the AutoEXT and ADS for the last month. (And yeah, I’ll start with low weights.)

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