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Power Jelq or Jelq device vs Manual Jelq

Power Jelq or Jelq device vs Manual Jelq

I’ve done PE before (about 5 years ago) and just recently started back up. I used a jelq device before but never really kept count of the strokes. Now that I am starting again, I have been documenting everything that I am doing. I get in about 40 jelqs per day. I go really slow, clamping the base for 3-4 seconds and it takes me at least 10 sometimes 15 seconds to complete the rest of the stroke. For those familiar with the jelq device it is known that you can exercise alot more pressure than a manual jelq. All in all, that being said: How many strokes is one jelq device stroke compared to a manual stroke?

Impossible to say; we have no idea how much pressure you are using with either the device or your hands. Higher pressure is not a good thing with jelqs. Getting the right pressure is what works. It’s all about ‘feel’. You can jelq too slowly too; the blood can escape back past your grip instead of creating moving pressure un front of your hand. 3-6 second jelqs seem to work best.

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All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

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