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Realistic 3-month Goal

Realistic 3-month Goal

Hey all, my 1st post here.. My current stats are on my signature, I wanna gain .5” in EL and .25” in EG in 3 months. Is this a realistic goal? I’m a complete n00b. Attached is a link to a pic. I don’t know how to have it shown automatically so sorry about that.

Thanks in advance

You can’t predict what you will gain. There are way to much factors where gains depend on.

Hi nin0 and welcome to Thundersplace!

Well, normally you have to attach your picture to the forum.
0.5” in length and 0.25” in girth to gain in three months, that might be feasible as long as you believe in PEing :)

The gain has no limit so why limit the time for your gain? Some important factors to reach your goal are :
PEing properly, never overdo it, get your penis away from any injury, consistency, motivation, etc.
Besides, it depends! If you are a fast gainer or not, then why not?

Whatever it is now, I wish you lucks and happy gains!



7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

the data says

I’ve always looked to Size’s Database for answers to questions like these. However flawed the data is, there are enough entries to make some educated guesses with reasonable confidence.

To answer this specific question, I filtered the entries from the start date to a total of less than 105 days for any single user. This dropped the set of data to only 527 people, but still a reasonable set. There are many unfortunate things that you lose by doing that, the biggest to me is that you lose the data for everyone that very infrequently recorded their gains (or lack thereof). You also have a more conservative guess in that most of the entries are significantly less than 3 months. In fact, the average is 58 days for this set.

The average gain in length (including some ridiculous outliers that claim to have lost over 6 inches over that time) is .488 inches with a median of .400 inches.
The average gain in girth (including the same outliners with over an inch lost in less than 3 months) is .241 inches with a median of .188 inches.

The biggest concern here are all of the men that entered an initial size in the database, but never a second, indicating they never gained and gave up. Anecdotally, I would say that this is mostly due to lack of consistency, interest or commitment, but certainly there are hard gainers that haven’t budged with significant effort. Those “ghosts” are the biggest specter in the back of my mind anytime I analyze this data.

From a less scientific perspective, I think it would be absolutely reasonable with a conservative, but consistent routine. Newbie gains are consistently in that ballpark, and while maybe a bit too much to hope for in girth, still mostly attainable. Trying to avoid the cliche, everyone is so different, that I would have a hard time advocating a goal to achieve certain gains by a set time, especially without knowing how your body responds to any PE. Give it a shot, but be consistent and don’t do anything to harm your unit.

Hey, thanks alot guys! I’m also into weight lifting so I know what you mean about consistency and sticking to the routine. I’ve had so many times where I wasn’t consistent and didn’t see any gains period. When I was consistent and relentless, I’ve made good gains. The same really applies to most things but I’m deff willing to give this a shot. I believe it’ll help my self esteem more then anything else.

This site has awesome amount of info that’ll take me weeks or months to fully digest but I’m reading, reading and reading some more. Starting slow won’t be a problem for me as I’ve experienced some set-backs for starting out fast with weight lifting so I know how that goes.

Anwayz, thanks for the warm welcome and I’ll keep up with the stats consistently. I’ll update about once a month and put the stats on my signature. The reason for the 3 month time-frame is actually because I’m finally meeting this girl that I’ve been talking to for the past year and we decided to meet up finally. So naturally, I want to look/perform my best and also feel confident.

Thanks again!

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