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Realistic goal

Realistic goal

Hey, this is my first thread here.
I’m a 19 year old guy who just started doing PE.
Unfortunately I sit at 3 inch flaccid, 4.75 erect with a girth of 4.50 erect.
I just started about a few days ago and have a few general questions.

First, what’s like an average realistic size goal to grow within the next year? I was hoping maybe 6.5” to 7” girth of 5 to 6 or something..
Is that possible?

And second, I work out as well, usually you have pains following a workout, that applies to this too I’m assuming because it kind of hurts now.
So the way I usually judge my resistance level in weight training is by post workout whenever my penis stops hurting afterwards a workout should I increase the amount of jelqs and stretches?
I know it IS a muscle after all, but it’s alot more complex than a bicep is.


Oh right and also I know this is dependent on growth, but how long on average should I stay on the newbie routine?

Your goals are possible but you have to be a very quick gainer to get them, more realistic is to expect an inch of length and a half inch of girth after a year.

You should not increase amount of stretches/jelqs when you don’t feel post workout pain. You should read many posts and make up a own personal routine for PE after you have done the newbie routine for 3 months.

Ca. 2” length and 1” girth.. Possible, but not very probable (just as bird2 said).

About the pain: If your dick hurts like really sore muscles tend to do you will probably have to take a BIG timeout from PE to let your body heal up again.. It’s NOT A MUSCLE :)

Use the search and look for the threads about “Physiological Indicators” (AKA P.I.s).. Those are a good way to start without injuring your precious too much :)

I usually just look for the basic P.I.s post-workout, which are flaccid length 15 minutes after the warmdown, strength/presence of morning wood, and for my case a feeling of being stretched in my penis _AFTER_ the workout (no pain, just the stretched feeling).
You’ll get to know this feeling after some exercises and learn to adapt your workout so it occurs more regularly :)


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