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Skin moving when I Jelq

Skin moving when I Jelq

Hi All,

I’m new here. I just recent started doing the newbie routine. I have decided to try the wet jelq technique, because my morning shower is about the only alone time I get. The problem I have discovered is that when I jelq the skin on my penis moves up the shaft with the jelq and eventually produces a donut effect. I have looked at the jelq videos, and although this does seem to happen with the guy demonstrating the jelq, it is to a much letter extent than mine. I do 300 jelqs and it eventually produces a donut effect right under my glans (am circumcised). Is this the “turkey neck” effect? And if so, how do I defeat it? I have tried jelqing with one hand by basically partially releasing my grip to move back down the shaft to jelq again, and this works somewhat, but again, the skin on my shaft moves up with the jelq. I hope I have described this phenomenon well enough. Please let me know if I need to add more clarification.

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know if this is good or not, but I press with my two fingers in a “V” against my fat pad to keep my dick skin from going up with the jelq.

Turkey neck is the skin under the shaft where the ball sack attaches to the shaft, so has nothing to do with your problem.

With dry jelks, moving the skin up the shaft is normal. With wet jelks, your hand should slide over the skin rather than push it up. Here are some suggestions.

1. Maybe you need to be more erect. Or,

2. Use a circular grip at the base with one hand while you jelk with the other. Or,

3. Start a jelk with one hand. Just as this hand reaches the ridge under the head of your dick, clamp down on it and stretch your dick out while you start a jelk with the second hand. This should keep the skin taught enough to avoid bunching.

Horny Bastard

Lather up more.

Originally Posted by yorke
Lather up more.

Right. That should have been my number 4. More Lube.

Horny Bastard

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