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Starting Jelqing . Introduction, Varicocele Vein

Starting Jelqing . Introduction, Varicocele Vein

Hey, How’s everyone doing? I am 18 yr old. I am Asian, and I have a small penis. I hope to change that, with everyone’s guidance and my dedication. My current size is 4.75 in. Length. I don’t know how to measure the girth. But it about the size of a hot dog, but a 1/4in wider. Anyways , I have been jelqing for 2 weeks , Tuesday, Thursday , Sat.
Routine :
3 min warm towel
30sec v stretch all 4 side
150 wet jelqing
3 min warm towel
30sec v stretch all side

I see a big room for changes , but I am still inexperience . I am up for suggestions .

There’s a thing I am worry about. I have a varicocele vein in my scrotum. I wonder if it would affect my jelqing or if my jelqing will damage my penis because of the varicocele vein. And my varicocele vein does not cause me any pain. Thanks!

Hi JimmySide, welcome to Thunder’s Place! I’m Asian too, and I have a small penis, smaller than you in fact. Here’s wishing good luck to both of us on our PE journey! :)

I also have the varicocele vein (on my left testicles) but its not painful and doesn’t interfere my normal life. I’ve been jelqing using the Newbie routine for about a month now, and so far have not got any issues. I guess the most important thing is to pay attention to your body, and take a break if you feel something is not right. :)

To measure girth, you need a measuring tape or something flexible that you can wrap around your penis. I use a strip of paper that has the measurements printed on it. Wrap it around your erect penis midway of your shaft, and take your measurement there.

I agree with undergrowth on the varicocele.

You can of course just use a plain piece of paper, string or anything non stretchy to wrap around your penis, and just mark where the paper etc. crosses, then hold it against a ruler. Most of the measurements guys use to track progress are taken at the mid shaft, rather than at base or glans.

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All injuries happen from "too much", or "too much, too soon" or "doing the exercise incorrectly".

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