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To hang or not to hang?

To hang or not to hang?

I’ve started up PE again after a bit of a sabbatical due to some family stuff (and a general lack of privacy) and since I have a pretty low LOT and am a hard gainer in terms of length I’ve been considering working up to hanging. I still have a month and a half to go before starting into anything advanced, but was thinking about maybe picking up a commercial Bib hanger since they beat pretty much everything else in terms of comfort. At least that’s the impression I got from reading. On a side note I noticed someone had mentioned Momentous’ workout as something to do instead of hanging; something else I’ve been considering as a possibility. Thoughts, comments, opinions?

Check out the new pump hangers. People have had great results with hanging so I wouldn’t see why not. As with everything, take it slow and work your way up.

Don’t hang until you tried all types of stretches. Do this because it is cheaper, less risky and easier to do. I suggest you start adding jai and inverted v stretches in your routine, assuming you didn’t already and have been PEing for at least 3 months.

Trying out all the stretches sounds good since I’m not entirely hot on the idea of hanging. I’ve started throwing a couple practice JAIs and regular V-stretches in on occasion to get a feel for them. They certainly seem to have a better feel than what I’m currently doing, but I’ll have a better idea when I can switch to them as the workout staple.

The vacuum hanger looks interesting. That may be a better option for me since I’m uncut (if I end up having to hang).

On a side-note, I seem to be rapidly gaining girth. I’m not entirely sure why, since the only girth work I’m doing are a few of my ‘home-brew’ jelqs. Mostly I’ve been jelqing for length.

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