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Totalman Heating Pad

Totalman Heating Pad

I have received a totalman heating pad and have used it twice now. Seems good and there is definitely something a bit special about IR pads. My BPEL is longer and penis feels tingly/ throbby afterwards.

What I’m not sure about is, my unit doesn’t feel hot after 20 minutes. Several guys on here claim they can tolerate no More than 5 minutes on high setting.
Could my pad be defective?

I use it. Sometimes it’s too hot, and sometimes doesn’t feel hot enough (on high heat).

Make sure your power output is high enough. I went from using my laptop to using a power bank and experienced a big difference.

Also since I use sleeves, I can tolerate high heat (most of the time, unless a random hotspot occurs from poor sleeve placement). Without the sleeves, my D would most definitely burn.

There is definitely a step up in power output depending on the source. Wallsocket power strip > backup battery > laptop.

Interestingly, Mike from TM just posted a video about electromagnetic radiation output from the device after a customer posed it as a question. He found it puts out a reasonable amount of radiation when plugged into a power strip going to a wall socket, but almost none when plugged into a backup battery.

Not sure if this is scientifically meaningful in terms of risk reduction, but it might make sense to limit the amount of radiation near your body, and mores your testicles if you are planning on fathering children.

I’m neutral on the topic but I figured I might as well use the power backup just in case.

Rock out with your cock out!

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