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Usable Penis

Usable Penis

Hello everybody this is officially my first post. I have a couple of questions regarding measurement. I used to 4 years ago but only the Jelq exercise and I measured at 7 inch BPEL after 2 years but never measured girth. My current stats are not what they use to be is there a reason for this? Does the penis shrink if you don’t continue the exercises like a muscle. I know the penis is not a muscle but do you lose length after extended periods no PE exercises. Also, I have a two questions about BPEL. First, when taking a measurement do you guys press until you can not push into the fat pad or just slightly into the section. Second, how much of BPEL is actually usable penis during sex. It’s kinda’ hard to gauge that but would a NBP measurement be considered usable penis? I started up PE again when I accidentally ran into this site which I think is great. It seems structured and has plenty of great ideas to get started again. Been at it for a month and will post up new stats again.

Thanks in advance Sal

I consider usable penis to be at least the average of one’s BP and NBP measurements.

But the thing is also that you get more aroused during sex than masturbation,and then your BPEL sometimes becomes NBPEL.

Usable penis would depend on the position. If she’s squatting on top you, bpel. If your doing it missionary, just slow and grinding motions, nbpel. If you’re doing it doggy, nbpel + her butt to vagina thickness.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

I don’t know - my girlfriend can’t quite see to manage to get to NBPEL let alone BPEL; I think our particular combination of anatomies means that we can only get so close.

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