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Zen Hanger (ADS), what You Think?

Zen Hanger (ADS), what You Think?

Hey guys,

Im about to buy, a zen hanger ADS, I would like to know if you have some reviews about it, I’m all ears and eyes.

Thank you by the way

Any suggestion?

I would stay away from noose style attachments if you want to avoid nerve damage longterm.

I would look into a vac ads or something like the captains wench, something you can make yourself using a guide posted here on Thunders.

I’ve been toying with ADS and so far I have not found anything that was to my liking because of the following:

1. Privacy
2. Ease of removal for washroom breaks (I have less then 30 seconds to use the washroom since I manage my own business)
3. Tension vs Anti-Turtle approach (Do you want something that keeps your shaft stretched or just to prevent turtling?)

So far out of all, the best approach was to stretching your shaft every 3 hours (washroom break) for about 2 - 3 minutes throughout the entire day. During this time I was working at a corporate job and they allowed 5 minute washroom breaks. So while you are looking for an ADS, give this a go until you find the ADS you like.

Current: BPEL - (Before 6.8' - 7') (Now 7' - 7.25')

Current: MSEG - 4.80' - 5.2'

Goal: 9x6

Please don’t… your enthusiasm is great but this would be a mistake. Based on your current size, I really don’t see how hanging 5 pounds on the end of a noose would be of any benefit (and I would come over their and kick you in the balls if you attempted hanging 15 to 20 pounds with a noose squeezing your unit).

Literally dozens of better choices.

Sorry Locuu… I have to make one more point on this,

I know some have gained with the Zen hangers but did you look at the images of that thing attached?
You are basically kinking (bending) your unit in 90 degrees then pulling on it with a weight… that seems so unsafe in every aspect.
If/when you do start hanging my first choice would be a vacuum unit and a Bib clamp style as a second choice. Neither of these will bend your unit 90 degrees to apply a stretch.

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Lol… the above was typed late, I missed the part this was just for the ADS and not the noose hanger.
My bad

Please be extremely careful with any noose type device, even as an ADS I am not a fan.


Hey, this is a great question. Our ADS is one of our best selling items and we have a lot of guys that are getting great gains from this type of method. The ADS (All Day Stretcher) is great because you can use it while at your house in private or concealed under your clothes if you are at work or on the go. With the Silicone Comfort sleeves that are included you can be sure that your comfort when wearing this item will not be an issue. Please check it out and let me know what you think about it. We have some testimonials and more detailed info on the website.

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