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3D printing and PE devices?

3D printing and PE devices?

So, a shiny, new Replicator 2 arrived at my doorstep the other day and I’m itching to put this thing to use.

I’ve got all kinds of ideas for this thing including specially shaped custom cock rings, clamps, etc.

I’m also willing to help people print their own ideas. Please don’t PM me about it, let’s keep the discussion in this thread :) .

Anyone have any ideas for other things to help bring 3d printing to PE?

Cool. The obvious things you could print would be hanging devices and extenders.

Nice that you are willing to print other people’s designs. It would be good if the plans got attached here and then maybe they could be iteratively improved.

It would be tempting to have a Physibles forum once more people get these things.

It’s a pity that Makerbot have gone partly closed source after their infusion of VC.

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I’ll be sure to get some of the designs online as soon as they’re done. The designs should stay in spirit of the original 3D printers and stay open and freely available. Not sure where they’ll be hosted just yet, don’t know if Thingiverse would accept them would open arms :)

It is a shame that Makerbot went partially closed source. That being said, their latest printer is absolutely ridiculous when it comes to print quality. With the technology behind this one and the duplicates/copies showing up on Kickstarter, you almost can’t blame them.

So what materials does it print in ?

When you have the .stl file or the cad file could you post it? I live far from you, but I also have a 3d printer and I would like to try.

It prints in PLA, which is a plastic similar to ABS. It’s a bit harder and less flexible than ABS. It’s also a bit more sensitive to heat(temps above 150f). It’s used in the food industry quite a bit so it should be quite safe to use.

The nice thing about this material is that it lends itself great to making molds for silicone, so that adds to what can be done as well.

beatbox: Sure thing. First up is going to be an extender. I believe the PLA is strong enough. I’m not sure what printer you have the but the Replicator 2 would definitely be able to print the threads.

Actually, before I start on this, are there any patent issues I might run into making this thing? Not sure if any of the extender makers have a patent that I might be stepping on.

Maybe. Patents are an expensive game though. Certainly people have got to the stage of the initial filing for a patent, so they can slap a patent pending tag on their stuff but that’s the cheap bit.

This might help with any stuff you are considering

If it’s your design, rather than a blatant rip off, even if it bears a superficial resemblance to another device, then you may be OK. To an extent, for the task at hand, certain design elements are essential.

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If you follow through, please keep us updated! This could make high quality, safe extenders more widespread to those with 3d printers.

Still working on the models. I’m actually working on a 2-stage extender and might try to make an extender with fulcrums.

As an aside, I think it’s both scary and amazing how fast it is to prototype with these things.

if you’re printing in plastic only, how do you plant to make the extension RODS that go along with the extender itself?

are you going to just buy them?

or are some extenders using plastic rods? that don’t sound like it will last too long?


I was going to use off the shelf metal nuts and bolts from the hardware store.

I’m working on a prototype right now and this plastic is surprisingly hard. I’ve made a test nut and bolt up and it threads and hold sturdy.

This is awesome. I have an eventorbot on the way and have been thinking about doing the same stuff. Luckily I stumbled across this thread.

I would love to help in any way with the prototyping. I have some experience in 3d modeling and had planned on using it in conjunction with my new 3d printer to print different “adult” devices.

Would you be willing to share your .stl files or the original format for a code review type thing?

If we can get a good group together on this, I think this could really kickoff.

I could do that. Know of any good services to host files?

I just finished up with part one of an extender device. It’s printing as I type :)

Finished the concept model. The nuts will be replaced with small wingnuts for easy adjustment. The “clamps” have an adjustment built in. They will have to be printed to size.

Also planning on printing out some molds to cast some silicone in to make it more comfortable to use.

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