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A couple of articles that are sceptical towards P.E

Jelq can cause discoloration as well. Ad pumping too. Even hanging.

Pumping is the only thing that has given me discolouration.

Once you KNOW something works because YOU have DONE it YOURSELF,,,, it doesn’t matter WHO tells ya it can’t be done.

Try telling Lance Armstrong that he can’t ride a bicycle because he won’t be able to balance because he only has one nut.. I’m just saying.

Originally Posted by Jaybee

The idea that the smooth muscle of the penis can be exercised , like the biceps, is a myth. “Smooth muscle doesn’t respond that way,” Lue says. In fact, stretching it can be harmful. For example, the bladder is smooth muscle. According to Lue, if you hold in urine so that the bladder expands too much, the tissue weakens. What’s more, Lue says, all the stretching, pulling, and squeezing might cause scar tissue to form in the penis, which could hinder a man’s ability to get an erection.”

- Louanne Cole Weston, PhD

I don’t think many people here think they’re doing anything like a penile version of a bicep curl..

I’m intrigued by this: “According to Lue, if you hold in urine so that the bladder expands too much, the tissue weakens”

The same could be said if you attach your penis to a rope, tie this rope to a train, and let it depart from a platform with you attached, it might rip your cock off..

If you rupture your bladder or even overstretch your bladder you have taken the cells way over elastic deformation, and well beyond the plastic deformation threshold.
This only really happens after an RTA or urethroliths.. It would be impossible to hold urine in your bladder to the point it would do damage.. Your ANS wouldn’t allow it..

What we should be doing is a gentle process, not some form of acute maximum tension and pressure stuff which would obviously cause damage..

If you apply constant low pressure to a bone, it remoulds to the external pressures. If you apply a high pressure quickly it will break.

Honestly, some doctors talk total crap so they look like they know everything.


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