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Absence of circumference gains

Absence of circumference gains

Hello everyone.English is not my main language.

I practice PE since March 2018 and i got a very good gains in BPEL. You can watch my statistics. 3 cm over a year !

The problem is that I do not have the same luck for EG gains. I got nothing over a year..

Nevertheless, I continued my routine over 10 months :

- 3 minutes warmup
- 16 minutes of streching actually (I started 5 minutes and added some time when the winnings were not showing anymore)
- 25 minutes of Jelqing (I started 12 minutes and added some time to get gains in EG, I stopped two months ago)

My routine is really nice for BPEL. I get BPEL gains every months and I got 0.5 centimeters again for this month.

I have a respectable measure in EG (12.7 centimeters) but it would be nice to have some winnings in this category too.. :(

I only used low dose Jelqing, so I think I still have some room for gaining circumference gains, but I would like to do this slowly and in the rules to limit the hardening of the tissues and promote the potential for gains that I can have.

I am very motivated and very patient. I would very much like to have your help to unblock this situation.

If you have any guides, tutorials, websites, routines, mindset or anything that could help me that would make me happy. And feel free to ask me questions if you need to know more to help me better.


I understand “low dose” jelqing to mean you are jelqing while less erect. If that’s correct, then you are mainly working length, so maybe it’s not that surprising you haven’t gained girth.

Step 1: Start jelqing while 70–80% erect. Don’t get fully erect, that’s a little dangerous. See if you gain anything this way, first. I took a break last summer. Since I came back, I have been gaining girth steadily mostly just from jelqing like this.

Also, if you are not using constant heat, it’s time to add an infrared lamp or space heater to your routine.

Step 2: There are more advanced manual exercises for girth, like squeezes and bends. I didn’t like them, but others have grown from them.

Step 3: Once you have tried steps 1 and 2, the next step is clamping or pumping. After a year, you’re certainly ready for either.

Clamping is cheap. It needs less adjusting. But it’s a little easier to hurt yourself. It may also make your penis darker if you do it too forcefully. Some guys like that, some don’t. The darkening happens gradually, and there are steps to reduce and remove it. I did clamping before my break. I never hurt myself, but it did make my penis darker.

Pumping is expensive and needs more adjustment. However, it’s harder to hurt yourself, and doesn’t cause any darkening. If you have a curve you don’t like, I understand it might also help straighten that. I have never pumped, so I can’t say much more.

Either way, do your research before starting.

Good luck!

Why the Smithsonian? Because you could walk around it for a week and not see the whole thing.

Hi,thank you for your reply !

I tried several positions of jelqing with 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%. I tried “wet jelq” and “Dry Jelq” too. And i got anything for EG :(

But I tried everything, I wonder if my “general grip” would not be bad.

I still intend to try a month extra Jelqing but it looks like something does not go for gains in circumference. If you have more tips for jelqing (links, videos, ..)

Are you using constant heat? How does it feel when you jelq?

Why the Smithsonian? Because you could walk around it for a week and not see the whole thing.


An impression of “heaviness”, I would say, I do not feel much is complicated to describe.

I tried a lot of grips

When I jelq, it feels like my hand is creating a wave of pressure, forcing blood down the shaft and into the head, stretching it out. That’s the sensation I aim for.

When I’m done, my penis is visibly expanded, hangs heavy, and doesn’t immediately shrink. It looks engorged, but is less rigid than a full erection. Usually, the better the session and the longer I edge before I lose patience, the longer it will take to become fully flaccid again. When I’m all done, my flaccid still looks a bit bigger and hangs a bit heavier than normal for a while.

That’s all the advice I can give about jelqing technique. If you feel like you’ve exhausted jelqing, then it may be time to move on. Jelq for less time and add in some squeezes or bends. Or look into clamping or pumping.

Why the Smithsonian? Because you could walk around it for a week and not see the whole thing.

I understand, thanks for the clarification.

I will continue for this month and see what happens..

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