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Newbie Gains IPR & Hcg The Journey


Newbie Gains IPR & Hcg The Journey

I’ve been on this forum for years, mostly as a ghost though my original handle here and on pegym was “pulphero” so my profile now looks less, time wise.

I think I’ve had very good success though that puts me about at where most guys are starting at. I’m going to put some random advice in here.

I’m currently measuring 5.2” BPEL. (My best measurement was 5.6” but I’ll get to that below) As the last penis study from the U.K. Put the average at 5.1” I’m happy as hell considering where I started my journey.

Which is where my advice begins. MEASURE and TAKE PICTURES FROM THE BEGINNING!! I didn’t really believe this PE stuffed worked so I was haphazard about it. This only confuses things and creates doubt later when it starts to work. Also measure close to orgasm as this represents your truest size, measuring prior to this due to EQ or varying arousal level, perhaps because of porn fatigue, can be misleading. Take a goddamn picture of the ruler and the tape. You WILL want these later.

Here’s how things unfolded for me. I had a very small penis. Now my first measurement when I began was a little off for two reasons—I was post chemo and so not generally hale and hearty, and two I didn’t do the bone pressed part very well though I was pretty lean anyway.

That first measurement was 3.5” and that’s not a typo. Now adjusted for those variables I still honestly feel it was less than 4” but maybe more like 3.7 or 3.8. The real problem was how little my flaccid hang was. I found it incredibly hard to do jelqs and if I’m being honest I didn’t try that hard and I jumped into manual stretches and hanging. This was a mistake and if you’re starting out at average I really don’t recommend it. 60-90 days of jelqs is a good start I now see.

But I did what I did. First thing I noticed is my flaccid was so ridiculously small I couldn’t hang weights well. I figured out how to adapt, but because I was using a wrap and a noose (with thick enough wrap I didn’t experience the scary effects of noose hanging) but it was uncomfortable. I realized I didn’t have enough girth to properly perform PE. Even if it wasn’t true, it felt true enough that I did what I did.

I think manual stretches and hanging accounted for my newbie half inch. I was onto clamping only after that. I couldn’t believe I’d made that progress. Literally I just assumed that getting to 4.5” was due to bad measurement on my part. I still have trouble though I know intellectually it happened. This was my lig gain and it happened in about 40-60 days, well within six months anyway. This gain didn’t help my flaccid and I could manually stretch in the shower, but getting in and out of my hanging set up in a crowded house and keeping it private from my wife was a huge hassle. I settled in to clamping.

I’d had a vasectomy and my girth was too slender to use the clamp on my shaft so I started out BTB and I’ve stayed BTB. My girth was right at 4.5” BEG. While hanging I once measured 5.5” but I haven’t measured that since I stopped so I honestly don’t know if it was injury like swelling or if I did it wrong. Be that as it may I regularly got 5” at base and had a 4.7” MEG. This is important for later.

I didn’t measure length, only girth. I didn’t think clamping effected length even though my cock head looked much fuller. My gains were the gains listed above and I was following the “plastic deformation” model theory. For four years I hung in there making no progress. Clamping BTB because I didn’t have enough erect girth to really clamp appropriately. I experienced no problems during this time despite going longer and longer in the clamp to milk more gains. No problems but no gains. I think I was toughening my dick too much for growth.

So late fall of 2017 early 2018 I stumble on Xeno (and some other’s) IPR theory. I read his and BeardedDragon’s reports. I figured what did I have to lose? It’d been years since l’d seen any progress.

I took two months off. I didn’t grow. BUT now it’s very early 2018 and I start again. Again clamping. Two weeks. Here’s what happened.

After week one I added a second clamp. On the base of my shaft and it worked. I was at a solid 5” on my base. That’s my growth. I quit after two weeks and that’s when it got awesome. After a week of rest following this round I edged past 5” in length. No erect girth gain, just length. But holy shit I was “average”—nothing to brag about, but I couldn’t be called “small” anymore holy cow!

The weird thing about girth was I did gain. Not erect, but flaccid. I’d previously measured 3.5” flaccid girth. Now, no matter the time of day I’m somewhere between 4”-4.2” always. Now average flaccid girth is 3.59” so I’m almost a half an inch thicker flaccid than the median.

At this point I started taking cialis every other day. It fixed my flaccid hang and I consistently hand at over 3” but under 4” with the added girth there are times when step out of the shower and think I look “big”—at least respectable. My wife began commenting on my proud hangs😄 and I knew it wasn’t just me.

I’d started telling her I was doing health and EQ exercises to improve blood flow. She said “well it’s made it bigger too.” It’s not bad measuring and it’s not in my head!

Last month I added a very small dose of hcg to my TRT. During this time I measured 5.6” length — but it may have been a bad measurement; as in the middle of sex I took a water break, walked in saw it in the mirror and did a double take. I quickly used my toothbrush to bone press, marked the spot and measured later. Two more times this happened. Since going off the hcg I haven’t gotten more than a 5.226” at best. So I will take a picture today and post it here. Then I’ll go back on the hcg and remeasure and if it’s bigger I’ll post.

Here’s my lessons I’ve learned. Ladies notice length but girth is king. BTB clamping has increased my length. Strangely, when I pushed past 5” I lost girth, by quite a bit and am down to 4.6” MEG and at my base as well! I have no idea what happened.

All of my renewed gains I attribute to IPR. This is what I believe in. The only thing that helped my flaccid hang was cialis — but my flaccid girth shows some growth even when my EG seems to have slipped with the length gains. Hcg may increase my size and I’m experimenting with it again.

I just started my third IRP round. I plan to do 7 1 hour days then rest for 1 month. I will report on gains and I will let people know if the hcg makes a difference or if I screwed up measuring.

The 5.6” EL and 5.5” EG anomalies aside, if you figure a starting of 3.8” EL and 4” EG I have made what to me feels miraculous progress by getting to 5.2” and 4.6” , being larger than average flaccid girth means very little except that saying “larger than average” on ANY measurement for a guy who started off as small as I did feels incredible.

Honestly I don’t know if I have any more gains left. I’ve made the gains most people around here end up calling good. Not my actual measurements which are the starting point for most guys, but in terms of volume gain. I intend to find out over the next couple of months and will log progress here.

I am curious are you still using the same toothbrush or you got yourself a new one ?

Just joking bro, very interesting read. I am happy for your succes and wish you to continue what you are doing, you seem to be doing it just exactly as needed. Keep going bro, happy gains.

Starting stats 16.11.2017. BPEL: 15.5 cm 6.1 In MEG: 14.8 cm 5.8 In

Jason's quest for length - Progress Log With Pictures

Ok I lied about the picture. It seems that all the phones are bundled (duh) and part of the cloud which means any picture I take could pop up on my kids iPad lol. I need to figure out how to circumvent that.

Post bj but pre intercourse last night I said I needed a glass of water and went to the bathroom and measured. I was easily at that 5.5” Mark so my idea of the hcg doesn’t seem to be related—it’s merely a matter of arousal causing EQ quality.

This is actually sort of frustrating as with porn fatigue I could have a very hard time getting accurate measurements in my PE sessions. It seems possible that I’ve made it to 5.5-6” BPEL and 5” BEG — but I can only get those measurements when I’m basically in the middle of sex. Now, if you’re going to have them, that’s the time to get them, but it does make tracking trickier🙄

Do my second workout for my I phase two day. I think I need 2 days between “good” multi clamp sessions because for 24-48 hours after one where I see fantastic expansion my unit seems incapable of getting back to 100% expansion and so I can’t stretch it very far.

Congrats on your gains. What kind of IPR routine did you do ?

The first was taking two full months off after several years. I’m honestly more of an I&P guy rather than IPR.

I’m not against P or the theory, it’s just that in practice it looks more I&P.

Following my initial two month lay off I did 2 weeks of multi-clamping followed by 6 weeks off. I intend to follow that for my third round as it was during that 6 weeks I got all my new gains.

I was reading about the much noted “mega-phallus” phenomenon and discovered a detail is never picked up on before. I assumed mega phallus occurred because of the plastic deformation theory due to the ischemic swelling being frequent. But this last time when I reread all the papers I could google I realized they specifically mentioned that the priapism events significant enough for ER visits (to which the doctors attributed the growth) actually only happened several times a year—not daily, not weekly and not every month.

Considering the real tissue death dangers of acute priapism this was a “duh” moment for me. Daily priapism of 4+ hours would have destroyed them. Instead a couple/several times (they didn’t specify a number) they had a major event lasting for several hours past the four hour mark. Then the penis adapted to that intense stimulus.

That sound pretty IPR to me and I jumped on the model, getting my first results after stalling. So now I do about 45-70 minutes a day for 2 weeks and take 6-8 weeks off. If I had time I’d just do 2 hours a day and take 5-6 weeks off but I don’t.

The goal is to quickly get my erection to the swollen point it’d normally take 4+ hours of ischemic priapism to get to, rack up those “extra” hours beyond four where the mega phallus growth stimulation occurred, and then give my unit the long break in between “events” for mitosis to occur.

To paraphrase.

I began my I cycle yesterday with one hour of double clamping. Now that I can get a clamp to sit comfortable on my base I find I like to do both my clamps on the shaft. When I was only using one I preferred the swelling I got BTB.

Every 10-15 minutes I loosen up for a couple of minutes then re tighten. I edge the entire session.

I feel I can safely say hcg has no effect on my measurement now. As I go into the last couple of days of this round before I take my healing break I can be sure that I’ve gained at least 1/8th of an inch at my base. At first it was a 1/16th that I second guessed myself on but after a week the gain has settled in and I feel good saying it’s progress. This corespondences with a 1/16th gain in my flaccid girth.

Things I’ve learned this time around; I was clamping too tight. By clamping down as tightly as possible I would get some expansion and my unit would become very, very dense, but this time around by keeping it a few to many clicks looser I’ve gotten MORE swelling. I’ve also finally got that doughnut bulge swelling directly above the clamp that helps keep it in place and push it down into the pelvis.

It is a much better way to clamp by far. Getting close to the rest break I keep having the apprehension that I need to do more, that I haven’t milked this cycle for all it’s worth, but I’m going to trust the process and take 6-8 weeks off in a couple of days.

I seem to be holding on to a The new gains. My BPEL is now a 16th of an inch below 5 3/4” and my BEG is up to 5 1/4” though mid shaft measurement is still holding very steady at 4.5”

This could be subjective in that I hadn’t recorded it before, but it seems as if the area between the 5-1/4” base that measures 5” is larger.

My girth seems funny to me. You can visually very easily see the greater girth at the base 1/2” of the penis. Much better than no gains but I’ve got to focus on mid shaft girth more somehow when I start again. I’d prefer not to have a pyramid shaped dick if possible but girth is girth when you’re smashed in deep, so I’ll keep at it

It’s the one month mark. I seem to have stopped gaining but also definitely dialed in the gains of 5.7” length and my base girth at 5.25”+1/16th.

My flaccid girth continues to grow as it is now a 1/16th past 4.25” which seems crazy compared to the average of 3.7”. I have no idea why this should be my greatest increase metric though hanging flaccid has changed much at the small end of average.

Last night I had to stop sex as the wife had extreme muscle soreness following a workout. Strolled into the bathroom and had another one of those moments when I caught my erection out of the corner of my eye and was surprised enough to do a double take. Always fun.

I remain convinced that hcg had no effect but cialis had a good effect on flaccid hang but not erect length. I’ve also had it reinforced that porn exhaustion can lead to poor EQ and you shouldn’t take training measurements but try and sneak in a measure immediately after sex whenever possible.

I’m going to be doing the Gainswave procedure in about 10 days. I will refrain from any PE work at least until then to see how the circulation enhancement procedure affects things.

Hey piratefluxx very inspiring story.

I have a question about why you chose to use cialis. I ask because after clamping I found I made some gains but my EQ has dropped and lost a bit of length after reading some more I found out that stumpy and xeno have experienced this loss of length. I assume its because of the myofibroblast which cause the contracture after the injury in p phase but both have regained length after, I haven’t and I assume it might be because I didn’t continue I don’t know. Shiver also mentioned that he would get a loss in length for a while but it would come back. Big girtha and xeno used cialis and now you, have you felt your penis get a little harder when flaccid and do you feel you could perform without cialis. Thanks

I have never experienced a loss in length. I know clamping has enlarged my glans and I attribute at least some of my length gains to that. However the girth vs length training effects are anecdotally pretty common, just not universal.

As to cialis; I started taking cialis because of porn fatigue. I figured it’d help me get continuous expansion because I was really frustrated with my EQ when trying to clamp. It helped, I think viagra would actually work better. A nice side effect was improved flaccid hang but that was a very secondary reason.

Clamping after a couple of days can negatively effect my EQ but this has always gone away with rest. I try and modify my routine around weekends because of this though while on cialis it wasn’t an issue.

Two points, I seemed to get used to cialis a bit after 2-3 weeks straight and I also found better expansion with an 100% erection but NOT with the clamp down as tight as it would go. With a looser clamp I got the bulge in the shaft that pushed the clamp into place you hear people describe. This allowed my to add a second clamp.

The initial flaccids on cialis were fun. Considering the medicine is supposed to have a net positive effect on your entire cardiovascular system anyway so I’d be willing to try low dose continus use.

I’m sure I can get full erections without it. When the peptide laws changed her a few months back I was suddenly without a supply. I’ve had 100% EQ in my sex since then during my 4 week recover phase. I do feel ED meds make a better training experience—I have greater expansion when clamped.

Thanks for the response maybe this EQ thing is psychological.

Originally Posted by piratefluxx
I’m going to be doing the Gainswave procedure in about 10 days. I will refrain from any PE work at least until then to see how the circulation enhancement procedure affects things.

Never heard of this, had to Google it but it seems pretty rad let us know how it goes! Looking forward to hearing about it

Quick question though, what was the process into getting approved for it?

Starting (08/2011): BPEL 5.5, MSEG 5

Current (11/2018): BPEL 8, MSEG 5.75, BEG 6

Keep up the good work

I apologize for not answering sooner.

On Gainswave, $500 and I got a zero effect. I went back and looked at the reviews and blog posts where people were claiming miraculously great erections. From what I could tell the reviewers were legit, as in they hadn’t existed on the internet for only that blog post. So I think it does work.. Unless you’ve been doing PE for a few years. I think jelqs and clamping and manual stretches, but especially clamping, takes care of the plaque build up the Gainswave is supposed to address. My theory anyway. You can’t get approved for it, or at least I didn’t. It was done by a naturopath and I basically paid cash.

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