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ADS I Couldn't believe it.

ADS I Couldn't believe it.

I have been having trouble wearing an ADS. The Penis master to be exact.

I started at 8 mins with much discomfort, I’ve been wearing it lighter stretch and for 30 mins at a time, and it’s been getting better. But moving with is has been so hard.

I wear it mostly driving around so your sitting with baggy trousers.

I stopped at a garage looking for a car wash the other day and only found a coin operated jet wash which you have to do yourself. It was £1 per 2.20min.

I jumped out and put the money in, I rushed over to the bucket and took the soap stick and scrubbed the car like a maniac, I looked at the clock 2.00 was left.

I ran around the whole car in a big rush, dropped the stick about 5 times and then it was time to rinse with the big power jet wash nozzle, so I took it out and sprayed it all down looking at the clock with only 1.25 left.

I tripped over the hose that was under the wheel at this point and got back up, my trousers were wet at the sides and the spray was soaking me all over due to the wind change.

45 seconds left so I ran over to the machine and pressed the hot was spray managed to just get around the side of the car, then saw 25 seconds left so I thought Id do the wheels real quick.

Looking at the last 15 seconds I managed to do the last wheel (just) and then spray a little water over the car to get the soap that was left.

Phew, I did it, I was tired, wet and impressed that I managed to clean my car for £1 in under 2.20min.

When I jumped back in the car I looked down and realised I just did all of that with my fucking ADS on.

Keep wearing it, before long you will forget it’s on. I am able to wear it for a whole hour now, after only 2 weeks or so. I’m guessing I will be able to go longer after a while to a full 8 hours, with maybe a break here and there.

It still gets cold fairly quick, and is a little whitish around the glans afterwards. But it’s no real harm, and Is only minor discomfort.

Just keep an eye on the old chap.

Maybe to onlookers it looked like a mad man trying to clean his car and running around falling over it with a boner sticking out of his pants. “Fucking freak” they must have thought.

Start 6.5 bpel 5.75 eg Current bpel 7.0 eg 6.75 (7.0eg base) Goal bpel 7.25 eg 7.0 mid shaft

Progress routine and pics/vids

Pfft, that ain’t nothin’! Try doing all this with one on:

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