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ADS Idea

ADS Idea

So I’m at work bored out of my mind and I got to thinking about ADS. I’ve been wanting to get one that has weight (light weight) to wear for several hours to keep lengthened while healing. I am using my Captn’s wench right now and using it BTC, but it’s npt the most comfortable if I do have to sit down (I spend most of my time on my feet.)

Here’s my idea: get some kind of fabric tube thats the same size as the shaft. Same concept as if you put a sock on your junk, but at the bottom of it, the “cusp” for lack of better terms, have a heavier material in it. Since I have fish weights I could wrap them and put them at the bottom. Then you would just need to wrap with a bandage around the fabric on the shaft to secure it.

I don’t think it would restrict bloodflow. Only issue would be having to take it off to piss.

Or cut a sock to where it has an openning, put the fish weights on the outside of it, then roll it up onto the shaft. Use some wrap to keep in place.

I might attempt this when I get home from work since I do have all the materials already. I would love to hear some input on this.

I just feel like the wench pinches too much on the shaft and where it covers the balls (like when its pressed up against because of btc.)

A quick picture on the thought. I used a dress sock, cut a long portion off, then cut that in half again. Wrap around the shaft, apply velcro to hold. Add the fish weights (8oz), wrap excess sock over it. Wrap with velcro in two other spots to keep on.

So far its staying on just fine. It isnt super sleek though. I have been able to piss with it on, but I think its still going to cut off circulation.

Any thoughts?

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Starting Stats - BPFSL: 13cm, BPEL: 13.5cm

Current Stats - BPFSL: 15.4cm, BPEL: 14.6cm

All stats are pre warmup. Starting Stats taken on 8/20, restarted with those same stats 2/21 due to lack of dedication.

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