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Afraid to stop

Afraid to stop

Are there any others out there afraid to take long breaks from P.E. I’m pretty advanced and I would hate to lose my gains that I have gotten. Especially the ones from clamping, I’m really unsure about those. I took close to a year off prior to starting back up but I cant remember if I had any significant loses or not but I don’t think so. On top of losing gains, hell, I love it especially edging.

I edge while clamped and it feels amazing and it brings gains so I don’t know if I can stop let alone want to stop. I’m just wondering if anybody else feels the same way.

You should be afraid.

Just kidding but seriously in my experience whenever I stop for long periods i.e. a few months my gains stay constant; of course when I last stopped for over a year I lost .4” of length and .2” of girth so I think I’m one of the guys that has to do maintenance to keep gains. Why do you want to stop?

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When I stop I actually gain a little. My breaks are only a month or two though, due to laziness and or school.

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I’m always afraid to stop for to long, if I don’t PE for two days I feel smaller but I do know it’s just in my head but it still feels real.

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I don’t really want to stop, but it does get a little tiring. I was doing a 6 on 1 off routine. I did it for a little over a month consistently but I had to cut back to 5 on 2 off starting this week. I do clamping every workout day!

Pretty rigid workout IBeezee — less is definitely more when it comes to PE you know :P

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I took a year and a half off. I had lost about 1/2”. Got it back though. I had gone through a long illness to weak to do PE. Just did a few piss pulls now and then.

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I always think its good to stop for a bit just to see where you are cemented-wise. I feel a break gives me perspective so to speak

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I was afraid to stop until I took a decon break and made some very significant gains in that period.

You should take a look at my log.

G_want7's log

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