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Anyone do this PE exercise for length?

Anyone do this PE exercise for length?

I’m just wondering if anyone out there does something similar to this exercise. It seems to be pretty effective for stretching. At least I feel a good stretch afterwards compared to traditional stretches.

While lying on my back I grab and stretch the penis to either the left or right with the ipsilateral hand, pulling it straight out, perpendicular to my body, making sure not to trap my nuts. The penis is grabbed from under my thigh and I lower my leg ontop (keeping my leg straight), so essentially I am laying with my fist and penis under my ass cheek. I usually keep the opposite leg bent. I increase the stretch by either pushing my pelvis upward to the ceiling, bending forward as if I am doing a small crunch, or both at the same time. You hold onto the penis the entire time, without letting go. Then I switch and do the same thing on the opposite side, alternating back and forth.

Anybody else do this or something similar? Does it have a name? It’s very different from a Fowfer in that you continue to hold the penis and Fowfers have always seemed to stretch my skin more than anything else while this technique does not. I’m not sure if you need a certain length to effectively do this stretch however. Let me know.

I really feel a great stretch with this move however it can be easy to lose the grip on the penis sometimes. Also, after doing a very vigorous session once, I got a little fluid buildup on the underside of the penis, just under the glans. This quickly went away.

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I do a standing variation of this, and then do squats for a really great stretch. You can also do a BTC variation this way.

Ditto Cheeva: I do this standing up. Great stretch, it can make me sore in no time.

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I do something similar. I put one leg up on the vanity in the bathroom and grab near the base of the penis with my hand in an overhand O.K. grip from behind and pull down and back. Sounds more complicated than it really is. I think the trick is finding the “sweet spot” to grab along the shaft to minimize skin stretching. For me, I purposely pull a little skin down toward the base and pull slightly higher than that. Since my shape is somewhat like a baseball bat in nature, I hit a meaty portion of the shaft about 1/3 the way from the base that allows me to securely hold it. This works out perfectly for me. I’d suppose that different shapes and sizes would have a different grip or method that works best.

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