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Arguments for Reverse & Erect Jelqing

Arguments for Reverse & Erect Jelqing

I have a lot of respect for those who have studied male physiology a lot more than I have. Yet despite reading lots of threads on these issues, I still don’t understand why erect jelqing and reverse jelqing seem to be generally discouraged. I’m not simply nay-saying other opinions here; just trying to clarify what I don’t quite understand.

When doing regular jelqing, the simple act of putting an OK grip on your shaft will increase the pressure on the tunica both above and below wherever you are gripping. So why should it make any difference which direction you move with the OK grip since it is only a matter of increasing the pressure by percentages, anyway?

The “hidden penis” within the scrotum and taint seems to be overlooked. If one is aiming at overall penile health (including better, harder erections), it seems that one would want to stretch the tunica throughout the entire length of the penis, not just the visible portion. How else can one do this than with reverse jelqing? It’s already been documented that there are no “valves” to damage. {See /forum/showthread.php?t=51083.}

If the argument is that “you’re still weakening the veinous outflow” as opposed to the arterial inflow, I would offer this counter argument. Namely, that in the process of jelqing, one is forcing blood to expand arterial inflow during the first part of the stroke, but as a jelq stroke continues, the blood is being forced to expand the venous outflow—otherwise the penile tissues would rupture. The blood has to go somewhere, even during vigorous jelqing: it’s going back through (and hence expanding) venous structures, not just arterial ones.

The whole aim of PE—particularly in girth exercises—is to expand the overall capacity of the tunica and the structures inside of it. Say we consider a solid morning woody as the 100% benchmark, the goal (aside from BPEL & EG) would be to increase the total volume by increasing the erection to, say, 110%. What difference does it make whether I start with a 50% erection and try to stretch the tunica to 110% of its current capacity, or I start with a 100% erection and push it to 110%? The only danger I can see is if someone gets carried away and tries pushing a 100% erection to 125% when the tunica isn’t ready for it.

Avocet has repeatedly advocated PE as a means of dealing with ED by loosening up the “gunk” within penile blood vessels. To me, that seems to be the only advantage to jelqing at 50%—to “break up” the “gunk” inside blood vessels by the massaging effect that one can’t do with a 100% erection. It’s my opinion that some guys think they are doing more good by jelqing a 50% erection because it creates a more dramatic, temporary increase in girth above one’s grip than if you’re jelqing a 100% erection. It just doesn’t look as “dramatic” or “effective” to move the tunica up by 10% as opposed to jelqing it up by 60%.

On the other hand, it’s generally accepted that one should go into a pump with a full erection. If we do this during pumping, why not during jelqing? I haven’t done any serious clamping, but it seems the same logic would follow. It doesn’t matter what level of erection one starts with (50-100%), but rather that one doesn’t overdo whatever the tunica can handle. One needs to push the limits, but not too far. That, for me, seems to be the bottom line.

Any thoughts, guys?

Great points.

I think erect jelqing and clamping can almost be looked on as the same. The erection I get in a clamp is significantly bigger than my stiffest hard-on without one. So, I would think that if one were for clamping, one would be for jelqing. But what do I know?

I’m interested in what will be said.

You make some good and sensible points.

There seems not a whole lot difference to me in overall effect between jelking from the glans down or the base up, except that from the base up most of us do get some glans expansion as the grip nears the glans; important to a lot of us. And from the base up it’s a whole lot easier to jelk smoothly hand-over-hand starting your grip at the base where your cock is firmly anchored and isn’t going to do much flopping. One-handed, starting your next OK grip below the glans requires a rythm pause.

I’ve never understood the debate about arterial flow being strengthened and venous flow weakened. In jelking, both arteries and veins are getting good workouts, good “gunk” removal via the exercise of jelking.

With erect jelking, though, you and I go down different paths of thinking, perhaps because of the difficulty of understanding exactly what a “50 percent” erection means. I’m not sure myself what that means but in my head it’s still fairly weak and highly pliable; fluffed up, for sure, but quite on the limp side. If talking percentages, 80 percent makes more sense to me. At that point, in my thinking, you have what could be called a “stuffable” erection in terms of sex. Still maleable and still bendable, but definitely not hard. That is the stage at which I like to jelk. The cavernosal chambers are not yet fully engorged but there is plenty of blood in them; in jelking at this stage you can move that considerable amount of blood up (or down, if you prefer) and expand both the tunica which compresses the chambers and moves blood through arteries and veins, expanding the entirety of the shaft outward and foreward (or downward) from your OK grip. Tunica, cavernosal chambers, skin are all expanded in the flow of your moving jelk grip. With a full boner on, you are not moving very much when you jelk, _and_ you can get some serious bruising by trying to manually push a full boner to more capacity because you are pressing hard with your OK grip. Different process,still, with clamping which is totally passive. You are not trying to push blood up or down with clamping, only trying to trap yet more blood in the cavernosal chambers because venous flow out is effectively shut off by the clamp.

There is a major difference in the dynamics of jelking and that of pumping. During pumping, the entire penis is expanded, top to bottom; glans to base. Everything expands outward and upward. Some of the “hidden” penis is pulled into the vacuum. Not, of course, all of it or we’d end up with flapping erections, having lost our anchor, so to speak. From these routine pumping repetitions over time, millimeter by millimeter of the “hidden” (inside the pubis) penis moves outward. This is why guys who get a good deal of length increase find their shafts hairier farther up than before. What is happening to the “inner penis” during this? I can only assume it is making adjustments in that portion, maintaining its own original length and girth as the visible penis becomes longer.

During pumping, you expand everything, larger usually as you get into it than your best sexual erection. Ligs, c. chambers, skin, glans, tunica all stretch. Gradually as the micro-tears of this exercise heal from each routine, you have more penis. Unlike in jelking, blood is not moving up or down. It is relatively stable (moving as it flows, or course). Different exercise.

As for men with some degree of ED (let’s forget going for gains here) it is not being pumped up once that helps, rather pumping up, releasing vacuum pressure - (new arterial flow in; venous flow out) - this repeated in short sets of 5 - 6 minutes - that gives the vascular benefit. The penile vascular system becomes more efficient over time. Doing this is simply on the micro scale a copy of the macro, four to five nocturnal erections of a half hour each that healthy men without ED or other organic disease get nightly. Guys with some degree of ED do not usually experience this pattern anymore. Pumping regularly and at moderage HG can help them get the pattern back.



I agree, erect jelqing can and does make for a better workout from my personal experience. That is not to say that anyone who has not conditioned themselves should be doing it. I feel the conditioning has everything to do with the ability to remain injury free while doing erect exercises. I wouldn’t want a newbie to be getting hurt.

The exchange of ideas on this site is fantastic and to have the shared experience of people throughout the world has lead me to alter my routine in several ways.

For the last (+/-) 6months, I have finished my routine with 200 jelqing strokes at full erection, pausing every 50 to wank back to full erection.

If I have time (non work days as I do most of my PE in the early morning) I go 50 at fully erect, wank it back to full, 5mins pump (5/7”Hg) with milking the tube and 100 simultaneous Kegels and do the whole thing 3/4 times (till I need emergency coffee!) finishing with 10 jelqs at 80% (subjective).

I think it improves the filling out/ increased girth part of PE.

Hope this is useful


Ps has anybody else used the simultaneous milking tube whilst doing Kegels? (Or can I claim intellectual property?

Typo! Not 10; 100 to finish.

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