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"Beginner" length gains on restarting PE after a 10-year break


Glad to see that things went well for you. I’m in the same position, so it’s definitely encouraging to see good results are possible after so long.

Well here’s a thing. I decided to have another go at gaining in girth, using the same clamping routine as before, but this time with a conscious effort not to ejaculate after each session, for at least several hours (something I’ve not done before). And what do you know? I’m gaining at a rate of 1 mm per week, compared to 0.7 mm per week when I was PEing for girth last year. So I can answer the age-old question “Does ejaculation impede gains?” with a “yes.” (With the obvious disclaimer that this is anecdotal evidence based on a single data point!)

I’d dropped to an MSEG of 158 mm after my last girth gains, and am up to 163 mm now. Definitely going to stop when I reach 165 mm, which is the magic number of 6.5”.

I went from 6 1/8 BPEL to 6 5/8 when I started, then fell off completely for 3 years. I only lost 1/8, going back down to 6.5. I remember it felt like I was stuck at 6.5 forever because my noobie gains spoiled me. I’m guessing that the time I spent straining at 6.5 BPEL at the end of that cycle helped cement most of those gains. Either way, almost all of my gains definitely cemented somehow.

Three years later, I returned and sprinted from 6.5 to 7.0 in a year or less before slogging a bit to get that last 1/8th putting me at my current 7 1/8 BPEL. So 3 years definitely restored my tissue to a noobie state. The gains (.5 BPEL) and point where the gains slowed (the last 1/8th) were identical for both cycles.

I’m currently restarting manuals after a 4 month flakeout/decon and eager to see what that little vacation nets me. For me, decons seem to be a slow but guaranteed source of gains. I just need to dial in what sub-3 year length of time off gives me that tissue reset.

So as you see from my stats. I kept my gains after 11 years. Maybe lost a little but very little. I have sex about 3 times a week and I last about 30-45 minutes. I started the Newbie routine again and got some quick stats and numbers in 6-9 weeks.

+1 that after a long break, you can keep most of your gains, and +1 that starting a Newbie routine again gave me a good start increase.

I hope to keep you posted on cementing these new gains. I think we need more data. I stopped for 11 years because I was 100% happy with my gains. I only started again because I felt I could do a little more. This was not planned to stop for years and do a newbie routine but it is worth noting if others take a break and come back vs staying on it for 2-3 years.

5.5 NBPEL (6.5 BP)- START
5.7 NBPEL- 2011
5.75 NBPEL - (6.75 BP) 2012- stop 11 years
6 NBPEL - ( 7 BP) 2023

5.5 NBPEL (6.5 BP)- START ~~ 5.7 NBPEL- 2011 ~~~ 5.75 NBPEL - (6.75 BP) 2012- Stop 11 years

6 NBPEL - ( 7 BP) 2023 ~~ (GOAL 6.25 NBPEL)

It’s been nearly a month, would you like to share your current progress?


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