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Big Girth - The Downside

I agree with the observations made by the original post; above-average girth can pose problems for both the guy and his partner. I chose the word “can” and not “will” because there are other variables at play (e.g. foreplay, lube, the recipient’s anatomy, etc).

I have the unusual perspective of someone who’s sampled sex at notably under-average and notably above-average girths (as in, I’ve never really had many sexual experiences in the average range). While my length has always been modest & average at best, my girth started as one in which “snugger fit” condoms would barely stay on, to a girth that suffers from indentations left by Magnum XL rubbers (nearly 3 inches in circumference gained).

The experiences outlined by the original post is something I’ve come to see happen more often than not. I find that younger ladies (e.g. in their 20’s, no-children) tend to require more patience and/or lube, whereas older women (especially those who’ve birthed 2+ children) can (and love to) take it all day. Anal definitely requires more preparation.

From my readings and personal experiences, I feel like the 5.5”-ish area is where you become certifiably thick, and every fraction of an inch thicker begins the road of diminishing returns. It also depends on the individual, some guys don’t mind the inconvenience if it means it bolsters their confidence and/or ego.

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Originally Posted by TheGr8Leviathan
I’m not convinced at all. I am still gonna go for 6” girth. I already dislike blowjobs because all the girls I have slept with (a very large number) have not been able to deepthroat me even pre-PE. I don’t care about anal, its not a turn on for me. I seriously like foreplay, so it taking longer really is not a problem. Even with my current 5.6” girth I havent caused ANY girl discomfort. Also some guys’ girth tapers off as you aproach the glans so for them it can’t be such a bad thing.

Is 5.6 girth really considered thick? I’m around that before pumping and it just looks thin

Originally Posted by Cinnamon Popcor
Is 5.6 girth really considered thick? I’m around that before pumping and it just looks thin

I mean its all circumstantial really. But, IIRC 5.5 is above the average girth but I dont think anyone would argue its beyond massive or anything. Ive finally hit 6 in two areas and to compare as i was curious i did a few things.

Measure right around your wrist, find round objects and measure em up as well, It will give you a good idea of what different girths look like from an outside prospective.

If you find something around 5.6…. well this will sound wierd but…. try to put it in your mouth lol. I mean im being serious, the point is you”ll realize pretty quick what any partner has to deal with, and trying to fit 5.5 in your mouth makes it looks a lot bigger than 5.5 from a top down view 3 or so feet away.

"Pain is temporary, pride is forever."

Sound post man.

I’m still going to shoot for the magic 8 x 6 but I’m happy you shared the pros and cons to this.


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