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Breaks in PE

Breaks in PE

Has anyone taken a long break 3 months plus, and saw gains (more particularly girth) increase? My experience has been. No girth until I started clamping. I did not get much expansion, but I also received some NI’s. This is pretty shitty because you want good expansion with positive indicators, right? I saw some increase, but now I am not even clamping much. I am using heat, and noticed a decrease and I have bruising, so I would love to find out if there is any chance of making gains if I take a few months off, and start from scratch.


Do a search for “decon break” or “deconditioning”.

I think decon breaks have helped a lot of people, but have no experience with them myself.

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Thanks I will do that!

Originally Posted by UkranianTitan
Thanks I will do that!

Whats your conclusion on them? I might take one at the end of July depending on results.

How long had you been clamping for though? If you’ve only been clamping a few weeks, then a decon break is probably pointless. Perhaps you’re just doing too much clamping?

I think there is a bit of confusion about PIs and gains with regards to clamping - if you’re doing an OLF/OLR type routine then chances are you’re going to have some NIs, but I would not consider bruising to be an acceptable one. If you’ve got bruising you should stop for the sake of your penis health, not for a decon break. Bruising from clamping, I’d imagine, could be quite scary.

No I’ve been clamping for probably a year on and off, but no real decon break. I might have took a month of clamping once, and just did some light manuals.

I have been taking the last month more or less off, just having a couple of sessions and my length gains seemed cemented while my girth seemed not. Pretty discouraging to see 5 mm (0.2”) girth go away after spending so much time gainging them. On the positive side, it only took a couple of clamp days to reestablish the gains again. So is it the same as with body exercising? You need to keep it up to not loose your fitness?

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