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Buster's Injury and Sabbatical


Buster's Injury and Sabbatical

Sadly it seems I now have a Dancer. That is, an injury reminiscient of Dance’s famous injury, although mine has occured from simple hanging whereas his was more complex.

Basically what has happened is that after one day back into hanging (after a 9-10 day layoff after overtraining) I have reaggravated what must have been an injury beforehand that I did not assess as an injury (from inexperience). We thought it was just overtraining but in hindsight I think I had injured the susp. ligament. I figured starting at 2.5lb and working back up to 5lb (I had been up to 7.5lb) would be OK, but apparently not.

The issue with the injury is that the top base of my penis is puffy (as before) and the ligament became inflamed and large after this AM’s session (my last). The area is sore if I moderately pull my penis. I have to be a bit ginger with it when urinating. Same symptom as before with the pain, which tells me it never really healed. HANGERS - if you have undue pain in the base, you need to stop!

I am going to take one month off and see how the ligament feels under stress after that time off. If by mid-August it’s not healed I will keep adding 2-week increments of rest. Aside from Kegels, I will be doing basically nothing (except perhaps some light squeezes for circulation - nothing to stress the ligament or base area). I am using ice now and probably will continue for the next few days until the swelling has stopped.

I am not sure about my presence on this board during this coming rest period. I already know what a mental battle it is to just rest and desist from PE, so perhaps reading the boards would push me into thinking I am healthier than I truly am. We’ll see. As much as I’d like to be here and help out and jabber and what not, I have to take the safe approach to my longterm PE future. I have had an injury and reinjured it now, so I know how vital it is to have complete healing. I think my body will do it’s part; it’s just my mind that I have to concentrate on. If my penis could talk, it would probably be scolding me. Talking Penis or Talking Glans- now there are a few forum names! I can’t understand why someone hasn’t chosen ‘Stands with a Penis’?? :D

At some point in the next week I will make an official injury post in the Injury Forum about Sore Ligaments based on this experience. I’ll wait until I see how the icing and so forth affects it.

Folks, I hope it all goes well for you. I will probably be peeking in from time to time, but if I ever post, PLEASE someone remind me from time to time to not start PE too early! I know I’ll need that reminder.

-Buster :)

Hey Man - sorry to hear about your injury. I know it’s going to be hard to resist.

I’m mostly serious but part joking here, but it might help to read sites devoted to chastity and abstinence. Think about it - you’re already there. Would it feel better to be patting yourself on the back for “being pure” or kicking yourself for getting hurt?




"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams


Sorry to hear about your injury!! Getting better needs to be your main concern.

But you can still be active on the forum & give advice!
We still need you & your imput!

Hope your well sooner than you think!!

Man…see I just dont get this. I mean how do these guys get carried away like this? I didnt hang long but, I did hang for about 6 months….got up in the weight quick…17.5lbs for working sets. Got a solid 1/2” of length from that 6 months. One hour a night 5 or 6 on one or two off depending on how it felt. I never got overzealous and would have kept at it..but, it’s just not a practical form of PE in my opinion. Get better soon man…and let this be another lesson. Not to NOT hang…but, rather to read your body, and use your common sense….if youre sore, or more sore than usual take time off or more time off than usual.

Wait, wait

Maybe some don’t understand the situation based on what happened previously…

I never was really overzealous about anything. I always tried to gauge how my penis was reacting to it. Of course, not understanding the difference between ligament fatigue and what one would call pain is not easy to understand. This is not a well-researched nor documented activity, guys.

My first experience with hanging throughout June went pretty smooth, all the way up until the last two days of my program (before I stopped). Some may wonder why I didn’t just stop when I felt fatigue. That’s because I didn’t feel any fatigue. It basically felt the same all the way through until one session where it became painful. No gradual descent into uncomfortableness. It just basically fell off the table. I don’t mean like kick in the balls pain here. Just very uncomfortable. Of course, with all this talk of “are your ligs sore?” and “if you cough and they’re sore” it made me think that soreness was something you had to deal with for a few days before you could consider yourselves ‘fatigued’ - kind of a ‘grin and bear it’ moment that was necessary for growth (ah, the joys of misinterpreting the written word!). It appeared to me as being a ‘badge’ of effectiveness and I don’t recall too many people saying stop when hit that point (which I will do now). Now I think that was a stupid way of reasoning on my part. So I was going along feeling fine and then, WHAM! Kind of like a stop light with no yellow light, understand?

Anyhow, after discussing this with a few experienced hangers I decided to take time off. Ended up being about 9-10 days. Heck, after 2-3 days it felt fine enough to me without any pain. But it became longer due to personal scheduling conflicts, so I just thought I’d take all that time off.

Now, going back into it was no big deal. As always, I do a moist heat warmup and follow that up with ricesock for a bit while I prepare for the session. I definitely do enough warmup. Where I recognize a mistake is that I wasn’t doing stretching prior to the actual hanging. This was a mistake. I’ve gone back and read some info on stretching at non-PE sites and understand it’s import for exercises that use an extreme range of motion. And I’d say hanging weights off your penis is an extreme range of motion for the ligament. So stretching is necessary, IMO. Unfortunately, in all I’ve read in PE posts I’ve not recalled anyone talking about this. They may be speaking about it when they mention starting at lower weights and working up - it’s all the same ideal. Basically stretching the area before the actual heavy exercise. My bad… One thing I will do in the future is stress how important it is to do a manual stretch after warming up.

So anyways, as I said my reintroduction was no massive attack. Not like stopping a cannonball with my stomach or pushing a train. I was able to hang for all of one day before it petered out on me. I am not sure but I think I have a weakness now in the ligament, whether from the first time through hanging or a natural weakness. Natural weakness - I don’t think that’s something we’ve considered here. Some of us might have slightly different anatomies, some stronger ligs, some weaker. Who here can say that’s not possible?

I guess my point is this - I was pretty careful and particular about my hanging. I am not one of those who slapped a 10 pounder on his dick and just went to it. I do think we need to be more open to the idea I mentioned above about how different people might respond differently to hanging and other PE activities. Just because one vet or whatever had it go OK does not mean it’s going to be that way for another guy. Which should give everyone pause when they make recommendations for routines.

I am not trying to pass the buck and be unaccountable, but I don’t want it to be thought that I was irresponsible in my hanging. There is a lot we still need to learn about this area of PE and I believe I got bit by that. I hope to contribute my learning experiences for the better of the community. It’s a bad enough day here for me now without people misunderstanding.

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But thanks to those who’ve sent their regards in my behalf!

OK, so Zep’s post over in Hanger’s Forum is helping me to see in comparison how aggressive I was. I have learned a lot about the early stages of hanging and hopefully some of you experienced longtime hangers can chime in on Zep’s post over there -

Just like jelqing, we need to come up with some type of ‘recommended’ progression for hanging just so people have a skeleton to work with. Nothing hard and fast. But to this point it’s been far too wide open as I see it.


Hey buster

Go get you some vitamin C to help the lig heal faster! It’s worth a shoot!


Yeah, thanks! I totally forgot.

On The Sideline With Buster

Hey Buster,

I too am on the sideline. However, my injury was perhaps a little more frightening than yours (not to trivialize your injury at all). I have been hanging for 3 months and started using the Bib hanger about a month and a half ago. The Bib is so well engineered that I began to move up in weight fairly quickly. My ligs are pretty tough. I think that this was do to aggressive manual lig stretching when I started PE. I got up to 20 lbs. on the Bib and was feeling great - good soreness in the ligs, but no swelling or pain. I then doubled my hang time from about 2 hours per day to 4 hours per day. Last Thursday, I went home and started to get frisky with my wife. I got an excellent erection and started to have intercourse when I realized - I couldn’t feel much of anything. I had sustained nerve damage and my glans were pretty much numb. Of course, this scared the shit out of me. I just laughed it off with my wife and told her that my unit was worn out from all of the PE. She was OK with it because she started her period right after we fooled around. However, I thought that the sensation would return if I rested. Thank God, the healing and regeneration-reconnection process has begun. I am now at about 80% of where I should be. I have been feeling consistent tingling and pain as my body repairs the nerves. I should be OK by the time she comes off her period.

It is really interesting how these nerves regenerate. I have been getting some fierce woodies at nignt, and the stretching that occures during the erection also stretches the nerves. I woke up the other night and checked my sensation with the woody and found that it was diminished. After the erection subsided, I felt the tingling and pain as the repair process started again. Today, I am at about 90%. I am confident of a full recovery. What is the point of all this? CAUTION - RESTRAINT - PATIENCE. I will employ all of these when I get back into PE in about a month. At my age, I should have known better. My penis endured all of the PE with no problems other than soreness. I thought that I could really go for it. But, I learned the hard way. So, I thought that you might like to know that I am on the sidelines with you. I am also pulling for you to have a speedy recovery! AND, please stay on the boards. We have a lot of newbies who need your help!

Good luck


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Comrades in Penises

Sorry to hear about it, Jelktoid. Of course, I am pretty encouraged by the fact that you feel it healing. That’s great and I believe you’ll have a full recovery, too.

I think what Zep said in Phat’s post about his massive gain - about needing to create a conditioned penis for hanging - is very appropriate. I know now the need for it. What I am trying to determine is what indeed is a recommended ‘conditioning’ program for hanging. That requires input from others.

I do recall people calling for restraint, but rarely do I hear people giving out specifics on how they began (like Zep just did). So then, what is restraint? Obviously it’s a near PE-fatal thing to go overboard. Jelktoid and I are now examples of that.

When you hear people talk about “I started with that and now I am up to this” it becomes difficult to see the need not to just go for it if you are sensing that your ligaments are handling it. What I perceive is happening is that the ligament - very unlike a muscle and with no nerves in it - is being stretched, stretched, and then TOO stretched too early. We have no real sense of whether it’s taking it fine or not. And this is where we newbies are getting into trouble. Because if it were a muscle we’d feel the buildup of discomfort fairly well.

I do think a good 4-6 month slow progression is somehow the key. And that would call for discipline. I would think it’s more of a time issue (time per day) than complete weight issue. In other words, I think 5 lbs should be fine, but here I was doing it up to 2 hours a day at the end of my first month. Now I see that’s just too much time with that weight. As I’ve said for the umpteenth time, there’s not much documentation in usable form yet as to what others have done.

Also, along with time per day I think it’s necessary to work out what is an advisable amount of days on/ days off for a schedule. I went overboard with a 6 on / 1 off schedule. That was hellacious, in retrospect. I don’t even know if I’d advise a 5/2 for a beginner now. Maybe 3/1? At least for the first month. And not 2 hours a day. Maybe one hour a day. Somehow we really need to make some type of a suggested intro for hanging, or you can bet your sweet ligs it ain’t just gonna be Jelktoid and me on the Hanging DL…

It’s funny. I think all hangers will agree with me on this but when I first contemplated hanging a weight from my penis and picked up a 2.5lb weight I thought “how the hell is this going to work?!?”, because I thought for sure there was no way I’d hang 5 or 10lbs or whatever. Part of me cringed at the thought of my dick handling a weight plate. hehe But you quickly get used to the feeling and it lulls you into thinking going up is OK. As I’ve said, part of the issue is we are dealing with a ligament stretching and that is a unique piece of tissue.

I don’t know if this is directly related, but maybe it is - I went up by 3/8” in length with my one month of hanging. Perhaps my ligament was just giving way big time? I don’t know. I thought, “holy poop are the guys gonna be blown away!” because I hadn’t heard of that type of gain too often. But in retrospect I think I wouldn’t want that quick a gain because it seems to me to spell trouble. Maybe the lig was becoming too stretched and perhaps thin? Anyhow, with time I think I’ll be OK. And even if I can’t hang again (worst case) I got me a 7 1/4” pecker that I can pump up with some girth exercises! So I ain’t gonna cry here!! ;)

IF you got helpful feedback, vets, let’s hear it. What is a disciplined and safe intro conditioning program in your mind, based upon your experiences? I’d like to start collecting info and put some stuff together for other newbies-yet-to-hang so as to prevent this for others. My civic-penis-mindednes impels me.

Plus, I can’t do PE right now… :(

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I think that you are going to be OK. Personally, I have regained the rest of my sensation today and I am pretty much back to normal. I talked with Bigger today and he told me that he had a few similar episodes with the nerves. He said that as you grow, the nerves have to stretch and grow also, and sometimes they separate a little and need time to reconnect. Its scary as hell and two days ago I thought I would have to stop PE forever, but now I feel fine. I’m still taking the time off, though. I wanted to share this with everyone since it could possibly happen to others.

I talked to my urologist friend about your injury today. He said that it indeed sounds like an inflamed ligament. He recommended a one week regimen of taking high strength Ibuprofen to eliminate the inflammation. He said that a prescription strength Ibuprofen would speed things up if you can get it. I actually have some, but I don’t know how you would feel about taking someone else’s prescription medication. I had some knee problems and got a prescription for Feldene (an absolute wonder drug for arthritis and inflammation) and the Ibuprofen in May before a trip to Italy. I only took the Feldene and it worked so well that I didn’t need the Ibuprofen.

Since this Urologist is also a hanger and jelqer, he was pretty sure that you could be back in action within a week or two. Also, since you now have a Bib hanger, it does a much better job of distributing the weight between the tunica and the ligs. You can get more force on the ligs if you position the hanger closer to your base, and less force on the ligs if you position the hanger closer behind the glans (but not too close). I am fairly sure that you could hang 5 lbs. pretty effortlessly. However, first things first. GET BETTER - TAKE THE IBUPROFEN You need to be able to do your PE with confidence. Our dicks are so important to us that we kind of freak out if something is wrong with it (imagine having a numb dick!) But, that sucker will toughen up if you keep working him out. Good luck to you and let us know how its going.


Jelktoid :trash: More meat for the money!

Good post, Jelktoid! I am going to PM you here in a moment.

Damn, I completely forgot about the Ibuprofen. I guess I just have lost it mentally.


Hey Jelktoid,

What kind of a hanger is your Doc friend using?? I wish like hell he would grow some bigger nuts and join the forum. He can be as anonymous as he needs to be. He knows PE works, so why not contribute his knowledge to the forum? We have other doctors, lawyers and even a judge. Twist his arm a little, will ya?? Or better yet, steal his hanger from him. :D

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I am not sure I said anything about a “conditioned” penis……..


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