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CaptnHook Hits His Goal

!Hola Mescalino!
Considerenos amigos para la vida. La Wench traduccion era una obra maestra!

>What was your LOT when you starting PE?<

I began hanging with a LOT of 9:00. At this moment it is at 8:00, maybe a little less.

>What was your routine? I need some advice for become big. <

I hang (con uso del Wench) much of the day. If I cannot put in a full day I try to do at least a set or two in the morning and the same in the evening. I like to stagger my routine if I can to keep myself near fatigue. I most often hang low angles but when over-fatigued I do a very light upper angle workout, but I do it (con uso del Wench) without any weight. Viene pronto un articulo sobre esta rutina.
I try to hang 20 minute sets and my weight is most often between 6 and 10lbs.

>Your Wench did me a lot of imagination and help me also on building mi own penimaster. <

Ja ja ja Mescalino! El Wench alardea de muchos rasgos y aplicaciones. !Trabajo bueno!

>I’m working on a article for the spanish forum of “How to make a Vacuum Pump”(I will release 2 versions: Standard and a Profesional with a freezer vacuum-bomb). When I have it i let you know.<

I look forward to reading it! You know I am a big fan of all of your work.

>Spanish regards<

Respetos ingleses!



And what about posting a pic of him?

My goal: from 11.9 cm NBPEL to 18 cm NBPEL (~7 ") or never...!!!! after 5 weeks(and a long break): 12.5 cm NBPEL


Congrats. You deserve it.


I must have done something very good in a previous life to deserve your presence in this one Bigger.
You are the best, bar none.


I wanna see a pic of the hook! I have’nt seen him since HOOK came out in 96’

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"To leave the world a better place, to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived is to succeed." - Emerson

CaptnHook Wrote:

>>Group Hug?<<

Well, okay - but not until everyone pulls their pants up.

Cool, dude! I’m happy for ya!

Maybe I should have made a thread for when I reached the first goal I made… stupid me =).

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Cappy! I am late to the party, but congratulations fellow pirate. I can’t think of anyone I would rather hear such good news from. Damn good work. Grog all around, three cheers for Cappy. Huzzah, huzzah, huzzah!


(Pirate slinks off to jelq some more and add another rubber band to his Pegleg. Damn Cap gained more in a few months than Pirate did in years. Years. Bloody yanks, always in a hurry…)

"In an honest Service there is thin Commons, low Wages, and hard labour; in this (Piracy), Plenty and Society, Pleasure and Ease, Liberty and Power; and who would not balance Creditor on this side when all the Hazard that is run for it, at worst, is only a sour Look or two at choaking. No, A merry Life and a short one, shall be my Motto."--Bartholomew Roberts

Great work on the gains!

Hmmmmm… I think it’s about time I made myself a hanger :)

PEing since Jan 1st, 2003

Originally posted by PirateSteve
Damn Cap gained more in a few months than Pirate did in years. Years. Bloody yanks, always in a hurry…)

Thank you my dear pirate friend. :cutlass:
The truth is I probably would have gained faster if I hadn’t spent countless hours with you and :sheepdo: trading fowl humour and ass banging tips.
I’m still peeved that you guys have your own animated smilies and I don’t. Although I did see this very cool turkey gif……….

How about a stroll down memory lane:
:-piss: :cutlass: :sheepdo:


If anyone deserves this, it’s you - and I shit you not, my friend. I’ve greedily gobbled up your posts (and not only the ones about PE - trust me), I’ve learned much from you, I’ve saved the pages about your hanger to an offline folder (I will get around to building one for myself, probably when I move out on my own). You’ve tried it all, you’ve done it for years….you’ve reached your goal.

Aye, aye, matey, yer ship has reached port!!!

Many, many congrats brother. :)

Cap - I’m so happy for you - especially since your wench is helping me reach my goals.

You deserve it friend.

"Empty your mind. Become formless and shapeless like water. When water is poured into a cup, it becomes the cup. When water is poured into a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Be water, my friend."

Bruce Lee

Question For Cap

Do you fel its necessary to go over 10 lbs. in weights for length gain? Also, I thought that I would post this to see itf it makes any sense to any of you. I use MSM lotion before I hang weights to give it back the elasticity, then hang 7.5 lbs with a heated wrap which probably weighs another 1 lb to make it stretch easier. After my first set of 20 minutes, and a 10 minute break, I then go to 10 lbs and the wrap for another 20 minutes. Not sure if that works or not, just trying it out.

Congratulations, and thanks for the wench. No words in my post could convey my gratitude for the masterfully designed PE Device that is your creation, so I will pay you my respect through a moment of silence in remembrance of your smaller erect penis.

Beginning now.


Good luck in completing the goals.


Please accept my congratulations, and bear in mind my genuine pleasure in reading about your great and well deserved progress when you read the following sentance. YOU ARSE, YOU HAVE OVERTAKEN ME!!!!

Good Going


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